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I have a lot of posts in the making, so many being left to collect dust due to my constant health complications which is also a post that’s laying forgotten. This one is to be part of the October posts done by bloggers with the topic of ‘Sexy’, much like Fit and Active September, as well as Diversity in Lingerie that occurred the month before.

Sexy is a thing that means an array of definitions depending on the person. It also has no set standards.


1.concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué
2.sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality
3.excitingly appealing; glamorous

Sexy is defining sex, basically. Which means, that it can mean absolutely anything to anyone depending on what they find appealing when it comes to sex. For myself, it’s a lot of things and in this post I will divulge my secret thoughts, my preferences and my attractions. This post will also include crass language.

I am pansexual, or omnisexual. It’s not something many people are familiar with as the idea seems to be a put off to many when I state it. It is much like bisexuality but with a more liberal attraction. According to KGBanswers, “One whose romantic, emotional, or sexual attractions are geared towards others regardless of sex and/or gender expression.” Which means that I can find a man who identifies themselves as a woman, a transgender, transsexual and all sorts of defined beings as sexy, given my sexual preferences and what I find sexy in latent terms.

Those who know me are quite aware of my fanatic obsession with Kpop, or Korean music, more specifically Korean ‘boy bands’ that are filled with men shirtless and grinding their hips. Or a woman sensually dancing as Windie mentioned in her blog post about this topic. Kpop is filled with men and women constantly portraying their sex appeal in some way and even blatantly pole dancing. I will admit, these kinds of things totally do it for me, much to my beau’s annoyance. I find myself easily and most commonly attracted to Asian men far more than any other ethnicity and have always been.

I’m a sexual person. I am comfortable with my sexuality and I flaunt it because I know I have it. I don’t find shame in doing anything or being sexy, nor do I shame anyone who prefers the opposite. Some even may find what I do or say offputting and the opposite of what they find sexy and that is fine, as having earlier stated, sexy is not strictly standardized.

Sexy to me is confidence, is seeing a person so confident in what they have and being confident enough to express themselves in whatever manner they see fit. Their sex appeal could be much different compared to what my own may be, but as long as they know how to flaunt it, I’m sure I’ll find myself desiring it in some way, shape or form.

Sexy to me is cockiness. It’s the knowing smirk as portrayed in the following gif. It’s when the person knows they are sexy, know they are turning you on and only want to tease you more. And not everyone will find the following gif sexy. I can’t tell you how many people have laughed at me for saying that I find Asian men drop my panties sexy. But looking at Changmin with that all knowing and teasing smirk, I can’t help but want to hop on his dick.

And this is only physical. This doesn’t get into the more in depth of what about a person can be sexy to me. And that’s something I’m still exploring and may have to get back to you with.

Sexiness isn’t something that should be considered too obscene for the general public. While some may like their privacy, it shouldn’t be shamed overall. While I agree that no one under the age of 18 should be defined as sexy purely for the inappropriateness of that, to each his/her own!

Though to elaborate on this statement and how utterly wrong I feel that teenagers dressing past their own age, I must give my own experience with it. I was nine when I started to physically develop and by the age of 12, I was attracting age of men far older than myself. Despite the constant bullying that I received, I felt a certain obligation to look older and therefore sexy. The media played its part in that. While showing young women who need to attract attention, I didn’t know any better. With the mentality and physicality far older than my emotional or chronological age was ready for, I was thrust into a world of sexy before my time. And it continues to happen, with girls younger and younger each world, trying to be that definition of sexy they believe is standard. And I will sit here continuing to believe that teenagers should cover up more and not look up to such role models we have in our main stream media until they’re of age.

But sexy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has certain quirks about them that make them sexy, whether or not they believe so. Your partner/significant other is sure to find things you do incredibly attractive and sexy and it’s what makes people sexually compatible. It’s why there is such thing as sexually compatible because people differ greatly in their attractions.


Look out for a roundup post of this month’s Defining Sexy posts from all the bloggers! And be sure to comment on what you find sexy, whether you agree or disagree with my own ideals