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This is a guest post.

A dress shirt is one piece of clothing where a poor fit is obvious.  Gaping buttons or oversized waists and shoulders are the norm, which may be why so many full-bust companies have started with this office classic.  URKYE’s offering is the Rohe, available in white, brown, royal blue, black, and fuchsia.


URKYE is a Polish company specializing in creating clothing for a fuller bust.  Clothing is sized according to waist and bust size.  Each waist measurement comes with three different levels of bust room: o, oo, or ooo.  Products which are made of stretch fabric come in two bust sizes, o/oo and oo/ooo.  URKYE’s website has an English version, and payment can be made with Paypal or a credit card.  If you create an account and order regularly from URKYE, you become eligible for a discount which is automatically applied to all your orders.

My Order

I purchased the Rohe in brown several months ago, when it was on sale for 89 zł.  The current price of 109 zł (roughly €26/£22/$36) is still no more expensive than an ill-fitting shirt from a department store.  I opted for size 42 ooo, my usual URKYE size for fitted, non-stretchy items.

My Measurements

Bust in bra: 103 cm (40.5″)
Hip: 99 cm (39.0″)
Natural waist: 79 cm (31.1″)
Height: 160 cm (5’2″)
Bra worn: Tutti Rouge Betty 34GG


The shirt is a rich chocolate color in the stock photo, but in reality it is a more reddish brown.  The color in my photos is true-to-life.  The shirt has a very hourglass shape off the body.

URKYE Rohe: from the side

Comfort and Quality

This is a shirt which requires ironing.  Because I don’t enjoy ironing, and my office favors casual clothing, I’ve only worn this four or five times since purchasing it.  When I was unbuttoning it the last time, one of the buttons popped off.  While repairing it I noticed that another button was loose.  So although the shirt is well-made overall, the quality could have been better.


Although I can wear the smaller of the two bust options when buying URKYE’s stretchy clothing, I have found that the larger size suits me better when it comes to fitted clothing.  The Rohe is even a little too small in the bust for me.

URKYE Rohe: from the front

Here’s a close-up of the buttons in that picture.  You can clearly see that the shirt is strained.

URKYE Rohe: buttons are under strain

It’s still a big improvement over my old shirts, which I wore buttoned from the waist down, with a tank top underneath.  I don’t feel like my bra will show or the buttons will pop off, but I would like to see the shirt nicely aligned.  This is a bit of a disappointment, because according to the size chart, I should fit a 42 oo: one bust size smaller than I ordered.  My experience doesn’t appear to be universal, as Boosaurus reviewed the Rohe, and the it’s not gaping at all.

The shirt is nicely fitted except in the chest, and I like how it hugs my body in the waist and on the back.

URKYE Rohe: from the back


The sleeves are a little too long for me, but the it doesn’t seem worth altering them.  The cuffs keep the sleeves more or less in place.


I like how the shirt fits me, except for the buttons.  I do wish that the fabric didn’t require ironing.  In general, I think it’s a rather flattering shirt, which pairs nicely with a skirt, slacks, or jeans.  Here I’ve paired it with a thrifted skirt for an office casual look, but it can be dressed up or down.  If it fit me better in the bust, I’d want to purchase the Rohe in some of the other colors.

URKYE Rohe: fitted from an angle

Appearance: 8/10
Comfort: 8/10
Fit: 6/10

If you’re looking for an office dress shirt, URKYE’s Rohe is one of the more affordable offerings.  It’s nicely shaped, but the bust can run a little tight.