About Voluptuously Thin

A thank you.

If you have found your way to this page, my blog, then I would like to thank you. My name is Izzy and I am a young woman in the horridly hot state of Arizona in the mostly lovely United States. I started this blog in the early months of 2012 with the intention to not only chronicle my journey to the proper fitting bra, but to help others who may have the same problems that I have had and still do. My whole intention now is the same. I do my best to give advise, to do what I can in assisting women and young girls to love themselves regardless of their size or shape.

Let me tell you a bit about myself: 

I’m eighteen years old and I currently live with my parents, my mom and stepdad. I have many brothers and sisters but only two live with me, a 14 year old sister and a 12 year old autistic brother. I have one nephew from my oldest sister that I often brag about. We have seven animals in our home, two dogs that are both mutts with their own personality; Angie, who is part pitbull but would gladly give her life to protect us and Summer, a collie-mix that literally chose her own name. Three of the cats in the home are my own and live mostly in my room; Mr. Socks, who I inherited from my great aunt who passed away a few years ago and he is now 15 years old, and two kittens from the same litter that are tiny as can be at 8 months, Lily and Princess.

I have fibromyalgia, asthma, and endometriosis. The latter two are taken care of and hardly give me trouble. The former is what keeps me at home. I have moderately severe fibro that has made daily life hard; I wasn’t even able to finish high school due to it.

I spend my time helping around the house and on the computer, writing or even roleplaying, which is a hobby I took up nearly a year ago and enjoy immensely.

In relation to my blog, I wear bras anywhere from 28HH-28K. I have an hourglass figure of 42-30-42 and am very content with my body. In clothing, I wear anything from a 6-12US and it all depends on which part of my body you are trying to fit.

Equality Policy

This is a body snark free zone. Any disrespecting comments that are purely meant to insult or shame will not be tolerated. Disagreements and differing opinions are allowed under the circumstances that no body shaming happens. All sizes, shapes, genders, races and sexual orientation are welcome to my blog with no discrimination.


It’s common knowledge that companies give out ‘freebies’ to bloggers so their products can become known and profit can be made. While I will admit to accepting and reviewing such ‘freebies’, all opinions are my own without regards to the fact I was given the product. No outside parties influence the results of the review I give and all comments made are unbiased.

You can contact me at voluptuouslythin@yahoo.com

(Updated 03/29/2013)

5 thoughts on “About Voluptuously Thin”

  1. Izzy, good for you! It’s relatively easy to feel comfortable with your body as you reach your 30s and 40s – lots harder to find confidence as a teen. So happy you’ve educated yourself and determined your best size. It’s great how many resources are available to narrow-framed, proportionately large-breasted women.

  2. Greeting from over the world. precise blog I must return for more.

  3. Their is nothing on this earth that I find more alluring and enticing than a thin woman with naturally large breasts.

  4. You are not 17. You look like you’re 45. And lululluluuululllll EDUCATE. Your site is ridiculous.

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