Correct Bra Fit

How to tell if your bra fits you correctly.

First off, does it feel comfortable?
This should be one of the first things to be considered when testing out a bra. If you can’t feel comfortable in it, why wear it? Especially since this is an intimate garment that is needed for many reasons.
If you are just trying on the bra, immediately check for the other factors as well as comfort, but if you are checking a bra you already own, ask yourself this, ‘Can I wear this all day without complaining or adjusting?‘ If the answer is no, then maybe you should toss/donate it.

Checking different parts of the bra:

The Straps
The straps of your bra should be comfortable resting on your shoulder. There should be no strain on your skin from the bands. They shouldn’t be completely loose, as that’ll cause them to slip and fall all day, and they also shouldn’t be too tight, as that can cause many problems. If the straps are too tight, they can cause bad posture, sore neck and shoulders, and the dreaded(but common, unfortunately) marks in the shoulder.

The Band

This part is about preference, although there are some guidelines that apply to all preferences. I know I prefer my bra band to be tight, so I simply go a band size down. You should always have the band on the loosest hook, as the other two are there for when the bra starts to stretch.
You should not be able to pull the band more than an inch or two from your body. Any more, or less, means that it is not the right size. If, on the loosest hook, it’s stretched more than that, go down a band or two, but up a cup size each time you do. If, again, on the loosest hook, is too tight, go up one size.
The bra band should also be straight across your whole body. It it goes up any, the band may either be too loose, or too tight, refer to the last paragraph for more info.

The Bridge
The bridge is the center piece of your bra that connects the two cups. This part must be laying flat against your sternum(chest) and not on your breasts in any way. But it also shouldn’t be digging into your  chest. If it’s not against your skin, the cups are too small; go up a cup size.

The Cups
There should be enough room in your bra for your breasts, obviously, but not any extra. To check if your breasts fit, you’ll first have to make sure you put your bra on correctly. Skip down to the end to learn how to do that. You should definitely not have the ‘quadra-boob’ effect; which is very different from having cleavage, but post on that later. If you have the ‘quarda-boob’ effect, which is essentially the material cutting into your breast tissue, then you need to go up a cup size.
If your breasts do not fill the cups, and the material is crinkling, then go down a cup size, it’s too large.

Now, these are just simply guidelines, if you do happen to have another problem that is not fixed by changing your bra, according to the way above, then I strongly recommend checking out Bratabase. I’ve visited them myself and found great help with two separate bras. That is also a great place to find some bras(used and new) for a reduced price.

How to correctly put a bra on: (This truly does make a difference.)

There’s two ways you can go about this. First, bend over and cup your breasts into the cups and then snap it closed, or the opposite, hook your bra and then bend over to scoop your breasts in. That is a very important step. You MUST scoop and adjust your breasts. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I was able to put on a bra and go. It’s best to adjust yourself and make sure you are filling it out as best you can.

The other thing that would be great to check for would be armpit and back ‘fat.’

The back fat can be fixed by changing what band size you are wearing. That is usually caused by a too small band/too small cup. Adjust as guidelines say above.

The armpit fat can be fixed by getting a larger cup. It’s actually your breast tissue being squished out the sides. That can be solved for most women, but there are women, like myself, who have wide breast roots. I can’t be sure if mine is the cause of wearing the wrong bra for so many years, or because that’s simply how my breasts are, but my breast roots are further under my armpit, and aren’t narrow. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I really hope that you were able to take something from this post, and if you still need assistance, you can visit the website linked above, or you can comment with your problem, and I will do my best to help. Please provide your measurements, the size of the bra you are wearing, and the style/brand of it.

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