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It has been noticed by some(read: many) that once Freya passes the  H cup, the design and construction of the bras take a turn for the worst. Braless in Brasil has requested a round up of the Freya bras I have that detail the wide wires, wide gores, and not enough depth(which goes hand-in-hand with the wide wires.)


As you can see from the two tables details the Freya bras I have come upon in a 30J, the width of the wires is excessive, far wider than most people would need with an approximate 30″ frame. As well as the wire length being quite long, meaning that it ends up far in the arm. I have tried the 30J Carys both when I was too small for it and too large, so it’s not a cup size issue as cups only seem to get wider as they get larger and I had the problem both instances, evident in the photos below.

20131008_050107 20131008_053634

I have debated with myself many a times on whether or not I’m considered close set. With a bra on and my breasts in the proper upright position, there is a much smaller gap between them than without a bra. But when braless and left to their natural state, it’s not surprising that the space between my breasts is so much more evident. the gore has no place to go between my breasts and that isn’t due to it being too small. There is simply not enough room for it to lay against my sternum and there’s nothing a size change would help.

And now in regards to the wide as fuck wires. My ribcage fluctuates between 29-30″. With a circumference of that, a 7-8 inch wire takes up a lot of space on my body. I dont’ have narrow roots, but I can wear narrow wires(still wondering how that works, by the way.) In the following photos, you can see how 7-8″ wires work on a 30″ ribcage.

20131008_045929 IMG_0680


So..even with my wide roots, my breasts don’t reach back to my breasts. There’s just no physical way that’s possible, regardless of tissue migration or not. And of course, with wires that wide, my breast tissue is being brought forward and held there with wires that are meant to secure the breast tissue in the cups. All the room means that the cups could be far smaller than I think because the tissue isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

This is just a small post on the wide wires and what effects they have and why Freya makes it hard to wear if you’re J+. This isn’t the only post I will have on the matter. I have gathered data that will also support this coming up shortly after this one, labelled Part Two.