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SugarShape; a company doing their own thing with their own style all in attempt to help women overcome letterphobia while being properly sized. The way this brand goes about things is by using the underbust and (standing) bust measurement with a different style of labeling (which does cause complications with our dear Jj.) The style of labeling that they have is using those exact measurements instead of a band and letter. It does help take away the ‘stress’ that can be caused by a cup letter.

I do want to say it has been a while that I’ve received them, but only till now that I’ve had time to review them. For starters, there is an unpadded and moulded/shaped bra, both in sizes 70/97.5 with the bottoms at a 110(my hip measurement in centimeters.

Now, before I begin the actual review, I do want to comment that the fact that they took my standing measurement is what caused the fitting issues caused. If anything, it should have been the median of standing and leaning. But to humor their methods, I did a standing measurement and because of my soft, wide and anything but perky breasts, the measurement did not give a good representative breast size and therefore a bad measurement for a cup size.

Other than the poor fit done by a poor fitting method, the bras were magnificent! I’ll first start with the unpadded bra, the Marrakesh.

IMG_1561 IMG_1559

It’s not often you get full body shots of me, but this set is just too cute and beautiful for me to pass up. As you can see, the color is a dark pink/fuchsia color with black lace trims. The bottoms are shorts that are actually quite fitting and so very pleasant on my hips. When it comes to underwear, I always hate tight elastic bands that can create such a muffin top that I’d rather(and have) gone commando(I’m looking at you Curvy Kate.) The legs are equally accommodating and gentle on the skin, meaning that my 23″ thighs aren’t being squeezed uncomfortably nor is the elastic rolling up in any sort of way.

marrakesh 1 marrakesh 3

It’s slightly hard to describe the type of designs on this bra, but I will do my best. The cup is a unique and simply beautiful design of swirls and flower-y looking thinks in black and a white/gray/blue color that is just complimenting on my olive skin tone. The black lace is something I’ve always desired. Black lace by itself is beautiful, but the way that it’s only a quarter of the cup is just fascinatingly beautiful, the straps also being black just the right amount to give it a fun and flirty, and overall sexy look.

While this bra is obviously too small(these photos were taken a month or so ago before my latest growth spurt,) it’s beautiful. It gives a nice shape and one that I wouldn’t mind under clothing if only it had fit.

marrakesh 4 marrakesh 3

The band, while being labeled as 70(cm) is basically a 30 band, a comfortable firm one. The band of it is actually quite short, meaning that if you need a smaller size, you need to get one as altering is completely out of the question due to the lack of room. There is a good amount of width to the back of the band and it’s something large-busted women often desire.  Looking at the measurements, and the general fit, I would put this around a firm 30H/HH with a very small amount of give as the cups are only slightly stretchy, just enough to give room within the cups and more than enough modesty as it isn’t sheer but a silky/satiny material. The straps are fully adjustable and widely comfortable, resting somewhat out towards the armpit, but not unbearably so(looking at you, EM.)

The structure of the bra is something that needs to be discussed. While it does seem to be a basic three part cup, three hook-and-eye band, wide fully adjustable straps, no bra is absolutely perfect. When looking at the bra, it’s obvious that the shape of the wires are U-shaped, and quite narrow according to the measurements, but when the band is stretched even a bit, pulled hardly an inch, the wires move, which could be good, as they aren’t as stiffly uncomfortable. A fault, though, for someone like me. My breasts are wide, as I so often discuss, which means that when wires are wide, my breasts ‘sink’ into the shape of the cups and wires.

And now onto the shaped bra set, the Leyla.


This bra is also in the size 70/97.5 with a thong at 110. This thong, as I didn’t mention with the first set, has that nice silky material that I commented that the bra had. It’s this soft material that just feels nice against the skin. And while I’m not a huge fan of thongs(as I will rip them off halfway through the day, I could see myself wearing this panty as it’s just comfortable and adorable(And look at my ass, how could I not want to show that off?)

20130713_213247 20130713_213253

This bra is in a basic, royal purple bra and man, oh man, I wish it had fit me. With it’s fully adjustable straps, black lace trim, beautiful bows, small little gem in the center and a beautiful plunge overall, it’s something I always desire to wear. But as you can see, the cups are far too small, bordering on obscenely small. This isn’t even a bra I could pretend to get away with. I prefer to make sure that I am fully swooped and scooped and that I’m not tucking myself in even a little only because any amount of too small equals soreness for my breasts.

I would go as far to say this is a light push up bra. Feeling along the cups, it’s obvious that the bottom has a bit more padding than the top part. Not that I’m against push up bras, but there is truly no need for that padding in a cup size as large as mine.

The structure of this bra band is the much like the other, having an equal size of around 30H/HH in my guestimations, a short band that wouldn’t be alter-able, wide band and yet…the wires are as easily bent outward. My belief is because of the molded cups, the material has stretch, but even less than the Marrakesh, meaning the wires don’t have the ability to be pulled outward. That is a good thing, in my opinion.

But an overall shame this fit is so far off.

Have you tried SugarShape? Are you intrigued by their way of labeling sizes? Will you give it a try?