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This is a guest post.

Melissa is a Polish brand.  One thing which distinguishes the company is Eco line, which is made up of predominantly natural fibers.  I purchased the 0342, which is 67% cotton, 30% linen, and only 3% polyester.

Half the bras in the Eco line all have a common style in that they are made of a yellowish-grey fabric which strongly resembles unbleached linen (the remainder are white).  They are decorated with stiff white lace.  This allowed me to try to find the best shape for my breasts without being tempted to keep a bra simply on the basis of appearance.

Melissa 0342

Unlike many Polish bras, and indeed unlike many of Melissa’s other offerings, the wires on this bra are not narrow but of average width.  The wires are almost exactly identical to those of a Panache bra of a similar size.

Melissa 0342 and Panache Jasmine

It was somewhat difficult to identify my correct size.  A standard UK to European conversion chart would have put me in an 80J from the starting point of 36G (the size of the Panache Jasmine shown in the photo), but my correct size for Melissa appears to be 80G.  The sizing is not dissimilar to Primadonna’s. It is good news for women who would otherwise be sized out of the brand, although women above a UK HH are probably still out of luck.

In the Eco range, I would recommend sizing down in the band.  Natural fabric stretches out more readily than synthetics.  When I tried on the bra, it was quite tight on the outermost hook and I thought I might need an extender.  After washing it, I wore it for the first time and used the middle hook.  Two days later, I tried it on again and it was comfortable on the innermost hook.  I could easily wear a 75, and would consider ordering a 70 next time to extend the wear.  This makes the Eco line difficult for smaller-banded women to fit.

Because the band changes are due to stretch, it may be possible to alter the band.  This seems to be a bra that will require modifications.  The straps are only half adjustable, and aren’t short enough for me.  Without the straps shortened, the shape is very close to my natural teardrop shape.

Profile view with shirt

The fit was not bad otherwise, although I did have slight wrinkling, which I think was largely caused by the fact that the fabric isn’t stretchy and doesn’t conform to the breast as well as other types of fabric.

Profile Melissa 0342
Melissa 0342 front

I’m quite satisfied with the basic bra and would purchase it again despite the modifications it requires.  There are so few natural fabric bras on the market, so this is a real find.   Although I have not had significant problems with synthetic fibers in bras, other parts of my body are more sensitive and I was excited about finally being able to purchase matching knickers.

Because the of the fabric’s characteristics I think this would be an especially comfortable bra for when my breasts are sensitive or swollen.  I’d really like to see it produced in other colors,as I find the current color both dull and impractical as a matching set for all times of the month.

If you’re in the market for a bra made from natural fiber, Melissa’s Eco range is a good choice.  Keep in mind that Melissa’s sizing system isn’t standard, and the band and straps may be loose on the Eco range.