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This was a dress that I’d had my eye on for the longest time, from the moment I saw George wear and review it on her blog. I often visited The Big Bra Bar because I knew they were having a clearance as this particular site was going out of business. This dress is originally 42GBP, which I had balked out when it first came out. There was no way in bloody hell that I was going to pay that much for one dress. Once their clearance hit, this dress was available for 10GPB, a lot cheaper than the bras they had on the site!

The Crimson Red Wrap Dress still available and the way you choose your size is by selecting your bra size and your usual dress size. So, I actually have no idea what size the dress I have is. I do know that it is a nearly perfect fit! The only problem is the arms being a bit large and the shoulders needing to be taken in.

This review will most likely be very basic as I have never reviewed clothing and am unsure how to go about it. The pictures might also not be the best as I used my webcam which doesn’t have a timer so it didn’t result in the best photos. There will be photos of my dress with or without the belt for George’s pleasure.

Snapshot_20130411_2 Snapshot_20130411_3 Snapshot_20130411_4

I am pleased with the views all but for the back view. While I am not the most toned and am aware of my lumpy bits, I fell the back of the dress is the least appealing. The dress is very chiffon like in the way that it clings to absolutely every thing, flattering or not. I do love the way it looks on me in general though. It’s a very beautiful red(my favorite color) dress for the total of 20USD(with shipping.)

The first picture is not the easiest to tell, but the sleeves aren’t as tight as they should be, and in the second photo you can see that. They not only reveal part of my bra, but they also don’t lay on my skin. But with a bust as large as mine, I’m glad that the dress fits my waist and is large enough for my bust. I’m sure Weirdly Shaped would definitely want to try this for herself, although I think we’d have the opposite problem here.

For this dress, I had to wear my PL Lilia–review to come. no other bra had a low enough gore. I also realized that I need to find some super seamless underwear or go commando. While I do not currently have any properly seamless panties, in the top three photos you can see the seam of my Freya Deco 12UK Panties–review to come,–but in the next set, I did drop my panties to show how smooth the dress can look.

Snapshot_20130411_10 Snapshot_20130411_11 Snapshot_20130411_7 Snapshot_20130411_6

I really love how the dress looks with the belt. George was right and I’m glad I never doubted her. I’m not one that often adds belts to my outfits, but the belt really adds something to the dress. I believe it helps separate my wide hips and my large bust. It’s nice and I definitely approve. You can also see in the second set of photos just how long the dress is. While I like to consider myself more daring and love to show off my legs, which means mid-thigh length, I don’t mind this. It goes just past my knees and I don’t mind in the least.

I would definitely recommend this dress for just about everyone. If they still have a size available for you, I’d definitely go pick one up. I love this and just need to find a reason to wear it out. It was a buy that I definitely don’t regret.

For reference, my current measurements are 44-31-42 and the bra is 28K. If someone would like to, please tell me to include measurements as I actually wouldn’t know which to take to begin with. I’m sure with measurements we can figure out what size this dress might be.