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Yes, this is another Lottie from CK, but this is a newer version which means the style and shape is slightly difference. The Indigo/Wine is from Autumn/Winter of 2011 while this Raspberry is Spring/Summer of 2013. The other difference in these two versions is the size of course. This beauty is a 28J as opposed to the 28HH I had tried not too long ago that was too small.

The Lottie is very old style that has been refurbished over the years. It comes in colors black/pink, white/pink and this raspberry. Discontinued colors include the indigo/wine, midnight/black, and lavender/coral. It is a two part cup with satin on the bottom portion with mesh panel. Fully adjustable straps with embroidery along them that continue over the trim of the cup. There are a total of three pink bows, one in the center gore and two on the straps.

This Raspberry has to be one of the cutest bras I’ve come across. The splash of pink and magenta along the satin are beautiful and very flattering. I believe I look very good in pink and I do adore the color of this bra on my olive skin.

lottie r 6

Sorry for the blur in the corner, my hand got in the way. I really need to invest in a proper camera with a timer and not an iPhone

lottie r 7

lottie r 8

So as you can see, I get a fairly rounded shape from the front view. It’s a nice shape and I like that little part of my breast that gives the orange in a glass effect. The thing is, when you REALLY look at the bra, you can see that I’ve become pointy and outwards and pretty much my natural shape. I also don’t really fit the bra as you can also tell from the side boob. I’ve recently become more firm and fuller on top, which means that I need more room on the top of the cups to achieve a proper fit.

The straps are also a bit wide. I never considered myself petite, but I don’t have anywhere near broad shoulders. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have this problem with just about every bra. Thankfully I don’t have those muscles on the top of my shoulders and due to the boniness of said body part, the straps stay on. If I had ‘straight’ shoulders, all my straps would slide off my shoulders, regardless of how tight they are. Either way, I don’t mind it. I’ve become so used to this problem that I don’t even consider it one.

As I said, my breasts have taken on a new firmness and shape, without changing sizes. This causes a new problem. This gore is too wide for my breasts as are many other bras. I don’t have particularly close set breasts, but mine are a finger’s width apart and so become to close for the width of the gore. Many other bras, I’m having to pull my breast tissue away from the center gore to get it to lay against my sternum.

The strap is as firm as freaking can be and would be perfect for someone with a 26-27″ underbust. I BARELY got the bra snapped and had to use the extender if I had any hopes of breathing. It stretches just over 27″ and definitely small for a 28 band. You would HAVE to size up to a 30 if you’re 27-29″. I do like the width of it though. I noticed the difference because of the fact I had to use an extender. Most of the bras that require it, end up having the eyes pulled in wonky directions to hook onto the extender, with this one, the hook and eyes of the bra and extender are completely even. And this means that the width of the band is larger and therefore more supportive as it spreads the weight and can cause less pain on the body.

lottie r 2 lottie r 3

I nearly finished up this post as done without even commenting on the cups. They’re nice! They’re soft and even with the mesh tops, they are very comfortable. There’s slight wrinkling at the bottom of the cup, but as I’ve spoken many times before, my bottom heavy breasts don’t like fitting into the bottom of cups very well. I would say they run true to size. I had thought I would fit this bra, though. the 28HH was  too small, but not so tremendously that 2 or 3 cups would be needed. My thoughts are that this bra simply does not work for me. The top part of the cups are not stretchy and contributes to the cutting in of my tissue.

Now, as I am getting matching sets, I will also review the matching panties. As seen in the two photos above, they fit fairly nicely. I am wearing a pair of pink underwear underneath for my own modesty.

lottie r 4

IMG_1199 IMG_1200

I’d say they’re true to size. I usually wear a 12UK in underwear and find them very fitting. I don’t prefer my whole bum to be covered up and it’s a nice look, I think. The slits in the sides are nice and I wonder if they are there to help the stretch an ass like mine may cause. The front panel of the underwear is in the same pattern as the bra. Again, I love it. These panties are to die for and I definitely would suggest buying them to match the set. I mean, look at how brilliant I look in the set!

They do have a bit of elastic at the top, but it’s not that bad. Usually I have the problem with a muffin top being caused by underwear, and so I go for the looser bands for my hips. I don’t get cutting into my legs, nor my stomach. That’s an automatic plus in my book!

But overall, the bra doesn’t work for me. I don’t think the sizing is off,  but the style is not for me. I am very saddened to say that it doesn’t fit, unfortunately…which means I can’t keep it. Any dibs?