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I need a small break from posts that have taken much thought and effort and emotion from me, leaving me drained and blocked. And I know it’s been a while since I have reviewed something and luck would have it that I have come upon two beautiful pieces from Sugarshape recently! So enjoy this brief intermission from more serious topics and take a gander at my breasts~

A short while ago, I was in contact with Sugarshape again. If you remember that my first attempt with this brand didn’t end all that prettily and it was a disappointment. With the desire to try them once again, they were kind enough to send me another Leyla to try, 75/105 which is larger than the 70/97.5 I tried initially. The results this time were so much better around and it brings to my attention that this brand is simply not the one for me.


It is a shame that this brand is simply not the one for me because the quality of their products are so very outstanding. This moulded cup is very sturdy, with wide straps, a U-shaped back, and hooks that measure 2cm from each other. Just those features alone make me saddened that I cannot where their bras, even though they feel so very nice against the body.

105leyla 1105 leyla 4

Just looking at the front view, you can tell something is off. It does look like that during my growth spurt, my left breast grew more than my right, which is a shame because it offsets how bras fit, but it is normal and I don’t particularly care. In this bra, it seems to emphasize the small difference, and that does happen to bother me.

While the straps are quite wide and comfortable, it’s a shame that even fully adjusted, they are not short enough for me. I have insanely high set breasts and most of the things I wear must be tightened all the way. Even with the straps done up all the way, it doesn’t lift like it should, instead it squishes and makes the problem of it being the wrong shape even more obvious.

105leyla 4

In this particular picture, you can see that on one side, I’m quadraboobing and the other looks odd because the cup goes so high on the breast that it is a complete opposite of the effect on the left. Again, this is only a problem because of my 1-2 cup size difference.

Another problem, before I concentrate on the more amazing parts of the bra, is the wide wires. Wide wires are always an issue for smaller backed woman. This bra is meant for someone around 75cm and that’s not a large frame, so it doesn’t make sense that the wires would be anywhere near the length that they are. I do know that some woman need wide wires, but when wires are nearly reaching the my back, then there’s something wrong with the design. And because of my wide roots and soft tissue combination, my breasts don’t get the support I need and will usually receive from narrow wired bras.

105leyla 3

And now on to something better!

105leyla 5

Do you see the shape of that back? Does it not just look amazing. I do believe that more bras should be U-Shaped like this. They create better stability and then just look at that band! it’s wide and helps distribute the weight of my breasts over a wider expanse to help negate any back/shoulder pain that may occur.

Not only is the U-shaped back good for support, I think it’s quite appealing in the aesthetic sense. It may show in certain tops, but if someone doesn’t believe you are wearing a bra, then that’s their problem that they can’t deal with the reality. I don’t mind if my bra shows, and if I had a bra that fit that had a back with this shape, I really wouldn’t mind. /end of rant

Overall, this bra didn’t work for me. It’s a beauty, it really is. It is a beautiful amethyst, has stiff cups to help keep the shape and weight supported, thick straps with little bow features to add something to it. I just don’t believe that Sugarshape bras work for me. Have you tried the brand? Are you able to pull them off and if so, what models have you tried?

[Be on the look out for a bathing suit review, a first!]