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So I’m sure some of you may have noticed that there’s a small little addition to the sidebar. The addition being a ‘Donate’ option through paypal. It’s not something anyone is required to do, as it is a donation option, it is for those who are willing to give and have the means to do so.

I know that the demographic of my readers is all over the place and I’m sure there are a good amount of people reading this blog for reasons that I never intended. My only comment to that is, if you’re enjoying what you see, then why not help the blog move along?!

The reason I have recently added this to the sidebar is for the benefit of the blog. If you haven’t noticed, reviews of bras are coming at a much slower pace as of late. This is because of my lack of income and quite expensive needs. The things that I need come in sizes that are out of the price range of a disabled student.

If you would be so kind as to donate to the blog, it’s completely anonymous and you will be repaid with more reviews and, in turn, photos of me enjoying all the pretty things that I can afford with it.

There is also the option to visit my Wishlist on Amazon 

[Any and all collections will be put to purchasing things for this blog.]