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So this may sound weird, I’m sure. I don’t mean that I don’t support breast cancer awareness in general or campaigns to gain money to help cure the cancer that affects 1 in 8 women in the US. And about 39,000 women will die this year alone from breast cancer which is the second most deadly cancer behind lung cancer. [cancer.org] Men are also at risk for breast cancer, but that’s often ignored because breasts=woman, apparently. While it is not as common(100 times less likely in a man), it does still happen. 410 men will die from breast cancer alone this year. [cancer.org] Sure, a very small amount in the grand scheme of things, but that’s still lives lost and people suffering.

Cancer is a serious matter. Lives are changed when someone is diagnosed. I have been fortunate enough that no one close to me has been diagnosed with any sort of cancer, but many aren’t that lucky. When it comes to breast cancer, people think of women. And some of those people don’t even think of women as a whole, but the parts the cancer affects, the breasts.

And this is where it all hits the fan for me.

Save the Tatas!
Don’t let cancer steal second base
Boobs: They need your support!
Big or small, save them all!

And those are the only ones I would dare put on my blog for the rest irritate me so much. Don’t understand why?

Were you aware that boobs belong to a person? That a person has cancer? That the cancer may reside mainly in their breasts, but a person has the cancer cells destroying their body?

I will admit to not knowing about cancer or how it affects people, but any ignorant fool knows that it’s a hard process to go through, both for the one affected and those closest. A breast cancer treatment entails all sorts of pain and frustration and things that I don’t understand myself because I haven’t experienced it and pray to the lord that I won’t anytime soon.

So again, why do these campaign slogans bother me?

Because they focus on not the person but a part of the person that is so oversexualized that a single mention of a bosom will get you comments or attention that isn’t warranted. And I sit here, writing for a blog that is for large busts and carry one myself, that does not mean I want attention to be focused on that solely when it comes to me as a person. So why when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer is her chest the only thing people consider?

I had a friend whose mother survived breast cancer. I can tell you that my first question wasn’t about her breasts now or before, but of how she feels as a person, how she is doing without the topic being focused on her chest.

Now, let’s look at another campaign meant to raise aware for breast cancer.

So would someone like to explain to me how not wearing a bra is beneficial for breast cancer awareness? There isn’t much else to say about this terrible campaign meant to exploit women and benefit men. I had someone post this on my facebook page and I was so shocked.

Where do I even start with this?

How about when a message is sent to twitter each time a bra clasp is undone?

Would you like to explain to me how this raises breast cancer? It doesn’t!

It raises attention to breasts. Because something protruding from the body isn’t noticeable any other time of the year when there aren’t campaigns to worn people. And there’s no way people will think of breast cancer unless a woman is waving her bare breasts in front of them.

Want to know why it’s ‘save the tatas’ or ‘no bra day’ or whatever shit people will come up with next year? It’s because most/some men must sexualize everything, including cancer. They don’t care about the person and people who suffer because of it. Then if a woman chooses to get a mastectomy to save her life, god forbid that it be accepted!

Breast cancer is terrible. Cancer is terrible. But not wearing a bra or randomly groping a boob does nothing to help any of it. The way you can help is give yourself regular exams and get mammograms when you hit the proper age. This will increase your chance of catching it early to reduce the risk of death in the end.

Wear a bra for as long as you want. Don’t wear a bra for as long as you want. Let whoever you want grab your breast for whatever reason you sit fit. But don’t do it for the sake of breast cancer awareness because none of those things help. And they won’t in a million years.

[Here lies the end of my rant about this stupid awareness month that benefits no one in the end except perverts who desire to benefit from as many braless women as they can manage. Thank you for your time.]