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This is a guest post.

All Undone is a new British bra brand aimed at a more luxury niche than I usually occupy.  I’m generally happy about being able to pick up a new Panache bra at £30 (35€, $48), when a few years ago I was buying Prima Donna at 100€ (£85, $136), but despite its £79 price tag–£91.50 once the mandatory courier shipping was added in–I was eager to try the Lola bra.  I ordered it on 7 October and it was delivered one week later (EU shipping).  The website accepts Paypal or credit card.

There simply aren’t many brands operating in the ‘mid-sized’ full bust market (All Undone offers bands 28-38, cups C-GG) which offer an androgynous but not plain look.   Plain is a matter of perspective, of course: my partner thought it looked plain compared to a beige Dalia Olimpia, which was described as “looking more luxurious.”

With its pink accent and lace detail, the Lola is not, in my view, a plain bra, although it is arguably the most traditionally feminine of All Undone’s range.  Yet it is not flamboyantly sexy nor playfully girly, it is something different.  The Lingerie Lesbian described the bras as sleek and I concur.  The grey is set off by the pink accent, and there isn’t a hint of bow on the strap or the gore.  I’m extremely tired of flowers, lace and bows.  The Lola appeals to my personal sense of style, which I can rarely indulge in when it comes to clothing for my top half.  Perhaps I’m not quite as annoyed about it as Up Front and in Brief, but I do feel as if my options are limited.  I’m really more comfortable in cargo pants and a t-shirt than in a dress and frilly bra, but comfort has always been more important to me than appearance.

All Undone’s Lola bra

So how does the Lola fare in that regard?  It didn’t feel uncomfortable when I tried it on: the straps weren’t too wide for me, and the wires weren’t poking me in the armpit.  The straps are fully adjustable and I appreciate the fact that the sliders are located in the front where I can reach them while wearing the bra.  I’m not in favor of the two-hook closure, which never seems substantial enough to offer support without stretching.

The bra provided a good amount of lift and gave me a nice shape.  The top of my breasts were rounded, almost as if I were wearing a bra with vertical seams.

From the front

The bra brought my breasts toward the center, which may have looked nice, but which caused some problems with the gore.  I have somewhat close-set breasts, which, when asked to look like hemispheres, push the gore out of the way.  Here you see it tilted to one side.

The gore doesn’t lie flat

I have overlooked the gore on other bras and would have considered keeping the Lola if it had fit me otherwise.  Unfortunately, I also had some wrinkles in the bottom of the cup, probably caused by insufficient projection.  In the short time that I wore it, I could already see the wires being pushed down and the wrinkles deepening, a sign of a cup which will probably fold over and loose its lift in time.

It wasn’t meant to be for another reason as well: it was too small.  I ordered my usual size, 34GG, but I would need a 34H.  As this angled picture shows, there was significant quad-boob.

Cup overspill

I’m disappointed to count All Undone as another brand I’m sized out of.  As seductive as the Lola is, I am not willing to pay such a high price for a bra that doesn’t fit me.

I can only hope that All Undone will expand their range in the future (and offer a less pricey range) or that other brands will explore a more androgynous aesthetic.  If you fit in All Undone’s size range and you can afford it, I would recommend the Lola.  It’s as attractive in person as it is in the photos, and I was pleased with the shape it gave me.