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Urkye; a Polish clothing company that boasts on creating clothing for women based on two different measurements: bust and waist. They’re a company that is a hit with the blogger community, especially non-Polish women in general. Many of the lingerie bloggers I know, specifically those who are more bust related, all adore this company and their products. There aren’t enough companies that cater to women in such a way.

I have had a guest blogger review many items from this company[x, x, x] but now it is my turn. Having been contacted by Urkye to do a review, I was offered their latest dress, the Kiecka tubowa w liście in a 38oo/ooo after some brief conversing regarding sizing.

Available in sizes 34o/oo-40oo/ooo.
— 92% viscose, 8% elastane

My bust is 39″-40″ with a bra and I vary between 29″-31″ in the waist. The size I chose was perfect.

Snapshot_20130820_4 Snapshot_20130820_3Snapshot_20130820_1

Where do I start? It’s not often I fall in love with clothing, but this..this beautiful dress is beyond beautiful. I pulled it out of the wrapping and was shocked by the feel of material. It’s this soft, light material that feels airy. I couldn’t get it on soon enough.

The way the dress fits over my figure is so very pleasing. The wrap of the bust covers my bra and just enough cleavage that I feel like I can wear this dress on almost all occasions. Is it, obviously, sleeveless, but if you’re familiar with Uryke, you’ll know of their famous and abundant Tuba shirts and will notice the similarity. Along the sleeves, there’s this small amount of ‘tube’ shaped material that can be slid along the length of the strap to give it a hint of different style. It is just a touch above knee length on my 5’8 frame and is quite comfortably so.

Because the dress is light, it does cling to those wibbly bits on my stomach and hips, but not unbearably so. sizing up in this dress wouldn’t have been terrible and is definitely an option for me to do.

I also adore the dip in the back that is a less exaggerated copy of the front. Very feminine, if you ask me and delightful now that I don’t have long hair.

Snapshot_20130820_2 Snapshot_20130820_13Snapshot_20130820_5Snapshot_20130820_6

My favorite part of the dress is the most obvious, the way it shapes and accentuates my bust. It’s not often I can find dresses that fit on my bust and fit snugly to my waist, and so this is definitely a pleasant change. The wrap style is one of my favorite and one that I will be sure to add to my wardrobe when I get the chance to.

As you can see in the photos below, not a hint of my bra is showing unless I’m angled forward and then only the tip of the gore is visible, definitely not bad if you ask me. The sleeves widen at the perfect point into the arms and so it covers all along my bust without pulling or straining. I could possibly even go down a bust size as it has adequate room for such a change.

Snapshot_20130820_11 Snapshot_20130820_8

Now, because of an addiction that slowly developed when I learned how beautiful and just how much it can change a dress[x], I added a belt. This dress is wonderful on it’s own and it’s something I would definitely throw on when I need to make a quick dash from the house. But with a light addition of an accessory, it does change the dress a whole lot–wonderfully, of course.

Snapshot_20130820_14 Snapshot_20130820_15 Snapshot_20130820_18

This dress may be worn at least once a week, with or without the belt. I love the summer-y feel of it and Summer doesn’t end for another couple months here in Arizona and so I have plenty of time to wear it. I will definitely be eager to get my hands on the other colorway version of this dress as I’m sure it’ll look just as wonderful.

This dress is currently on sale for 79pln(25USD) and with a special offer from Urkye, you can get this dress, Kiecka tubowa w liście as well as the other Kiecka tubowa w lapki, for an extra 15% off for the next two weeks by using the promo code Voluptuouslythin at checkout!