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Thie is a guest post.

Introduction to URKYE

URKYE is a Polish company offering clothing for full-busted women.  Sizes are determined by waist and bust measurements, generating a European clothing size with a ‘bustiness’ modifier.  For stretch clothing–which is more generous than the chart suggests–there are two busty levels, o/oo and oo/ooo.  There is an English version of the website, and orders can be paid with Paypal or bank transfer.  I usually receive packages within a week, but it may take a little longer if you live outside of Europe.  I’ve never had a problem with returns or exchanges.

Summer 2013 Selection

The summer selection includes Kiecka tubowa (119 zł, equal to about $37, €28 or £24), Dwulicowa tuba ($19/€14/£12), Kopertówka ($25/€19/£16), Skubik ($25/€19/£16) and Twister ($23.50/€18/£15).  The tops are all available in several different colors.


I ordered the Skubik in czarny (black), jarzębinowy (red) and słoneczny (gold) and Twister morski (azure).  With the exception of the Twister, which I ordered in 40 oo/ooo because my preferred size was sold out, I ordered everything in 42 o/oo.  I am 5’3″ (160 cm) tall and measure 40.5 inches (103 cm) in the bust while wearing a bra, 31 inches (79 cm) at my natural waist, and 39 inches (99 cm) around my hips.  I’m wearing a 34GG or 36G bra in all the photos.

All the items fit me fairly well, although I noted in an earlier post where I compared the Skubik with BiuBiu’s Venice that the Skubik sleeves are a little tight on me.


The Skubik is a nice t-shirt which is fairly long and has extra room for wider hips.  It can be worn casually, but could also be dressed up.  I’ve been wearing them to frequently to my non-airconditioned office as the temperatures climb toward 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celcius).

Skubik black

You can see I’m squinting against the bright sunlight.  I suffered to pose for these pictures, because normally I’d put on my sunglasses immediately!

Skubik red

For some reason I thought the gold version would be more of a mustard color, although it is clearly a yellow on URKYE’s website.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but in the end I wasn’t disappointed because the yellow suits me more than I anticipated and it stands out in my wardrobe of reds and blues.

Skubik gold


The Twister is a lighter-weight shirt than the Skubik, which is distinguished by a partially open back with a twisted piece of fabric near the shoulders.  As expected, the opening is high enough to conceal the bra band.  I also didn’t have a problem with my bra straps showing although it might not work with a bra which brings the straps very close to the neck.  I would have done better with a size 42 which wouldn’t have hugged my stomach so much.

Twister azure

By the time I got around to these pictures, I had given up on keeping my eyes open and was a lot more comfortable.

On URKYE’s website the shirt looked cerulean, but it turned out to be a deep azure.  I like the color but would have liked cerulean better because I have other azure clothing.

Bonus: Skołowana

I included a sale item in my order, a Skołowana morska from last autumn.  It’s a circle dress in the same color as the Twister shirt.  I already own the dress in red and knew it was comfortable and easy to throw on.

Circle dress azure

My photographer decided to catch me in the process of putting on a shrug.  I frequently wear a bolero-style shrug with my red version of the dress in the evenings.

Unfortunately, it looks as if this dress is sold out.  If you get a chance to pick one up, it’s a nice for summer or autumn (when I wear it with tights) but it should be dried flat or the bodice area will get stretched out.

Do you plan to get anything from URKYE’s summer collection?