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So the gym…it’s a place I’ve been spending a lot of time at the past couple months and I really enjoy it. And you can all yell at me when I tell you that I haven’t been wearing a sports bra. (gasp!) It’s quite scandalous, I know. But I couldn’t find time to get the sports bra I tried last year back from my stepmother. So when I was contacted by Large Cup Lingerie to try a 32GG with matching shorts in a 14, I was more than eager to jump on the offer of trying a Sport!


(Be ready for a photo-heavy post in this review!)

When I had taken my visit up to Miss Shapen in the lovely Las Vegas, she was kind enough to let me try on her own Panache Sport(her review to come soon). She owned a 30H in the Blue/Red colorway that is not in the current collection. When putting it on, I actually wasn’t able to snap the hooks and eyes together! I bounce between a 28 and 30 fairly often so this was a great surprise. Though when attaching an extender, the cups fit quite well! So this led me to believe that a 32GG would be my size with this Panache model. It didn’t work out, in more ways than one. But don’t get me wrong, I do love this bra!


As mentioned earlier, this is a 32GG with 14UK bottoms in the Gray colorway.


The moment I checked the mail, saw the package and opened it, I was motivated to get my butt to the gym to test it out. My usual gym routine is 20 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike. I figured it would be pointless of me to ‘take it easy’ on the bra when I need it for these things. I am happy to announce that it did save me a whole lot of bounce! While there is still some bounce, because I mean, come on, I have huge boobs, it’s most likely impossible to keep them stationary. Though, the bounce was only reduced when attaching the D-ring.


And then here comes the problems. The straps, despite how loose or tight they were, when the D-ring was together, the pain it caused was quite distracting. They pressed in on that dip between my shoulder and neck. and bent the cups further into my arms. As you can see in the following photo, the cups are quite wide and are bent quite a lot into the side of my breast and the crease of my underarm. I could not seem to find a remedy for this. I do wonder if a 30H(if graded properly) would help remedy the painful effect.

And being the day after wearing the sports bra, I do have bruises where the cups cut into the skin. I tried to wear the bra while doing some aerobics, but the pain of the bruising became quite unbearable and I couldn’t work out any longer.

As you can also see in the photos below, the wires are wide and are reaching quite far back. This wasn’t uncomfortable and for a sports bra, I couldn’t care less.

(Embarrassing, but the lighter blue with the white lines over the cup is the sweat from working out because of my deodorant.)



The first photo implies that the cups are too small, but I don’t think that’s the case. I believe that if they were a hair deeper with a bit narrower wires, then I’d probably be able to fit that escaping tissue in. The pressing of the cup also probably doesn’t help at all.

Looking at the profile, the shape is quite beautiful! I’m not a fan of pointy breast, even in a sports bra, so this rounded beauty was quite desirable. I had gone to the gym in this and some pants and I felt quite sexy! I know I got a few looks while walking in… This is also a bra that I went out in. I made a quick trip to the store and has thrown a dress over the bra and matching panties and still loved the shape! So, if you didn’t get the hint, I really love the shape of this bra.

The shape and support is where my love for the bra stops. As mentioned before, I did experience painful bruising when wearing this bra and I don’t know if it’s because of the structure or the size. The size I got was probably not the one for me. I would have done just fine with a 30H in both band and cup. The band is very true to size and not for my 29″ ribcage. It’s comfortable and soft, though. I didn’t have any stinging or digging in from the band as it is wide and supportive, making up for being on the larger side for me.

The gore did not tack in the least. I do want to say it’s because the cups are a tad too small and the gore too wide for me. It didn’t cause a whole lot of problems but I do wonder if the gore had tacked properly with a firm band, would I have gotten better support?


I did encounter another problem that I think is manufacturer error. There is a weird lump/dent area in between the cups that’s a bit obvious and very odd to me. I do want it say that it’s not the first appearance of a problem with this bra/colorway. Petite and Plentiful experienced it as well. I would also like to comment in collaboration with what she had said, this is not by any fault LCL’s fault or a problem on their part.

I also received matching shorts, as you can see in the first picture of this post. A size 14UK that the LCL representative and I debated over. I can wear size 10UK-14UK depending on how the brand runs. For example, in Freya, I wear a 10UK while in CK I wear a 14UK because they usually run tight for my hips. I’m glad I chose to size up as they fit so perfectly I believe that one size down would have ruined the look and purpose of them.


20130806_204531 20130806_204535 20130806_204548

The elastic lays on the small dip between my love handle and hip and doesn’t cut into the flesh, which is something I hate. They’re stretchy and comfortable and are a perfect match for the bra. The side panels are a breathable material to help sweating when working out. I couldn’t be happier with the design of the shorts. They work perfectly under my work out pants or on their own. I also have no complaints of the shorts riding up when walking or the like, which is something I encounter a lot because of my 23″ thighs.

I do really recommend the shorts, not only because they were a gift to me, but because they work and should be a necessity when working out. Again, no complaints whatsoever.

I’m overall satisfied with the set, but not the fit. I do wish I hadn’t bruised as I was going to pretend it had fit and would wear it anyways, but with the distraction it causes, I couldn’t imagine going another 45 minute work out with the soreness and tenderness.

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