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So! My lovely readers, I have another little review for you. My friend, who is new to the world of ours and doesn’t wish to be known as of yet, ordered a few EM bras. She overestimated her size and so has slid this bra on over to me to review and even possibly keep.(that’s a maybe.)

It is the S Starter 65J(30J), which is also the size of the Porcelanka that fit me so perfectly(at one time.) I have given this bra a try in a 65H and if you do remember, the bra was many cups too small and overall imperfect of a fit. When the chance arouse to try one of the same model but now in a size that was more than likely to fit. And, boy, did it fit!

The band was perfect, the straps just right, the height of the cups and so much more! This S shaped bra feels quite different from its counterpart, Porcelanka and while I haven’t tried the other S, I think they all might differ in some way. Don’t quote me on that, I’ve been wrong before.

The bra is a beautiful red/fuschia with thick black seams that are quite flattering and both sexy and complimentary. Overall, it’s a basic bra, but the seams do make it quite desirable. I’ll start off with givens.

IMG_1513[1] IMG_1514[1]

Do you see that!? This has quickly become one of the most amazing bras I have ever tried. Just look at that shape and support that the cups create. It’s not hard for me to love an EM bra, and it’s especially not hard for me to love an EM bra that fits! I have worn the bra who knows how many times, but I can’t find any reason not to love it.

Okay, that’s not true. The bottom of the band can be quite painful after long use and the underwire could use a bit more padding. While the band is firm, it’s not tight, just the elastic can be painful to the skin as there’s no protection against it. It’s something I ignore as while it’s hard to deal with, it’s not something that would put me off to the bra in any sort of way.

Ignore the glimpse of my sister in the back, I really like the angle of this photo.

I believe this bra is more true to size. The S bras definitely seem to run larger than the PL which are said to run small. The cups are quite depth-y and the wires perfectly narrow and yet wide enough for my wider-than-narrow breasts. The reason I say it that way as it does seem that I can be in either wide or narrow wires due to the fact I am quite soft and very easy to mold into bras. The depth of the cup is what affect a fit or not.

As you all know, I prefer the projection over the flattened look, and not only does the bra give me the projection, it gives nice cleavage(even if as I’ve grown that cleavage is much less secure than preferred.) Another flaw that comes with this bra is those dark seams you see in the photo. They are most certainly noticeable in most of my every day clothing. Especially(!) in my Simply Red dress. (Embarrassing little anecdote; I went eight hours at work with the seams visible and didn’t know until I was heading out that they were! I had no idea you could see through my dress!)

All in all, this bra is amazing. I do love this bra now that I have my size.

Now this is the time where I’d recommend you to purchase the S bras…but I would prefer not to have to compliment such a poorly designed company any further than I already have. In light of all the EM drama, this is going to be my last review of their products. There will be a following post depicting all what I find to be wrong.