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It’s our savior! Ladies, I swear it by all that I am that we have a savior! Or, so I hope we do. I don’t want to say too much, or raise your hopes too high, but the knowledge that I’ve obtained from the creator of this new brand, Edwards & Millers.

It hasn’t even launched. Expected date is in September, but no definite answer on that yet. But before I jump into the gossip-worthy answers from the lovely Tracy–the brain behind this production,–I want to explain just what this brand is all about.

Edwards & Millers starts from the need of a women with big boobs and a small back, or what she likes to refer to and has labeled as BBSB. The lovely Tracy has disclosed her own bust as a 28K(UK) and so understands the struggle of finding bras, or any lingerie in general, and had the resources to overcome that to not only benefit herself, but other ladies she could sympathize with.

When coming upon the discovery of a new brand, I don’t get all that excited. When a friend on Twitter expressed her excitement, it got me curious. And in my curiosity, I was lucky enough to land a short email interview with Tracy to share all this(what I consider to be) great news. I do hope the questions and answers supplied here are enough to raise your own curiosities for this baby-brand.

On to the interview!

  • Now, to start. I do know you have an about me section on your website, but would you like to give a ‘deeper’ or maybe more personal reason as to why we now have a new lingerie brand?

I am a young women who has struggled for years to find bras (I wear a 28K), and lingerie that fits. I set up a blog called BBSB (Big Breast Small Back) in 2008 and discovered women across the globe with similar issues. My personal needs teamed with inspiration from my grandmothers (who also made lingerie) helped me create ‘Edwards & Millers’

  • As you told me, the sizes you will cater to DD-M cups with bands 26-34. Why? As the ladies in these groups, we are aware of the few brands we have to choose from to support busts of our ‘uniquness’ and have all been aching for a company that has such sizing, but what brought these sizes to your attention?

As a BBSB myself, I know first hand the many difficulties found when purchasing lingerie and clothing. Despite many campaigns, many women are still wearing the wrong bra size. As a BBSB women a lot of clothes are not available, and this can impact a woman’s confidence and health. With Edwards & Millers, I am making sure BBSB women are at the centre of the design, creating something practical and beautiful. Details of the sizing method will be made via the website upon launch of the collection.

  • It’s taken many years for brands to recognize that 28 bands are so very common, and it’s hardly even recognized that there are very many women who need sub-28. It’s been said from companies that catering to such sizes is dangerous as there is never a market(the ladies who struggle with well-fitting bras will disagree), so why will you be the first to truly take this step into the 26band territory?

Yes it may be seen as dangerous territory but I am passionate about offering BBSB women a choice of beautiful lingerie that was made for them. I don’t see a 26 band as being that small and feel the time has come for women with a smaller back to have more options.

  • You did also say that this first collection will not include padding(such a shame for gals like myself who benefit from padding more than not), what will you include in your lingerie? Balcony, plunges, longlines, maybe babydolls and other such lingerie items? What do girls in these sizes have to look forward to when it comes to your brand?
The collection will feature teddies (Babydolls) long chiffon slips with lace details, Balcony bras, longline bras and high waisted knickers.  The slogan is ‘For That Icon Status’ the concept behind the collection is that the lingerie will bring out the Icon within. I aim to bring beautiful lingerie that fits the BBSB women, giving us an option of vibrant colours, luscious silks and laces that are tailored for them. The specific pieces will be revealed via the Edwards & Millers VIP members, people can sign up via the website www.edwardandmillers.com but there are a couple pictures of some of the sample pieces via the Instagram @edwardsandmillers
I will keep padded bras in mind for future collections, but as my first collection I need to start small.
  • Is there a specific demographic you’re aiming towards? The young, the average, the old, the want-ers the need-ers?

The collection is aimed at young BBSB women who long for fabulous lingerie that fits.

  • Will your lingerie be sold in stores? Online? Will you ship overseas for a price? What are your plans in terms of serving this desperate clientele?

Lingerie will be sold online and will be made available to ship overseas (more details upon launch) Stockist will be listed via the website.

When I received all these answers and replies from Tracy, I was esctatic. I could hardly believe what I was reading and I’m sure that I will be unbelieving of this brand that is aimed towards sizes you just don’t see on the market until it has actually launched. I do hope that I will be able to stay in contact with Tracy throughout the launching process and be able to update you with the going-ons and new information.

This brand will cater to sizes 26-34 DD-M(UK SIZING)!
What are your thoughts on this new brand? Are you excited? Do you have a size that you are unable to easily find and consider this brand as wonderful as I do? Tell me your thoughts!