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This is a guest post as the main author is currently too busy to properly write a post

Braologie is known for its unusual bra, which is designed to improve posture and push armpit tissue into the bra cup.  I was not able to wear Braologie’s bra, but I purchased the posture vest, which is intended to help with the same two changes.  I was especially interested in posture improvement, because I have poor posture when sitting and I spend a lot of time seated.  Keep in mind that Braologie clearly states that the benefits will be reduced when the posture vest is worn without a Braologie bra.

I decided to try wearing the vest over a period of time before reporting on it in order to determine if it provided any benefit.  I started wearing the posture vest on 23 April and wore it regularly until 14 May, excluding a few days when it was washed.

Tissue Migration

Braologie advised repeating the scoop and swoop process after putting on the vest and wearing a bra with extra room in the cups.  Although tissue migration was not my primary reason for choosing the vest, I was curious to see if this would happen, so I kept records of my observations.

I certainly observed some overspill the first day, when I wore a bra that fit without the vest.

posture without the vest

posture with the vest

The overspill is more obvious in this close-up.

I noticed that in some bras the extra tissue remained in the cups, while with others it would disappear over time.  If the vest was holding it in, it wasn’t doing so consistently.  The first four days I had a dull ache in my breasts which started after four to six hours of wear, but after the first few days I didn’t experience it again.

After some time I started to wonder if the extra tissue was coming from my armpits or if it was a result of the posture vest pressing against the bottom of my cups and pushing the tissue upward.  The vest did seem to ride up, and I had to yank it down.  Sometimes it would be obviously pressing against the bottom of my bra, especially on bras which lacked a full band or padding.  Loosening the straps didn’t seem to prevent this from happening.

In the end, it was impossible for me to tell if any tissue migrated because I lost weight during the observation period and went down a cup size.  My suspicion is that the vest didn’t help me in this regard, but I also did not think I had much tissue to move into the bra in the first place.  Perhaps it would be more effective on someone who is newly starting her journey into the second half of the bra alphabet.


The first day I donned the bra I experienced back pain.  It started three hours after I got dressed.  After seven hours, my neck started to hurt.  I was able to see improved posture when I looked in the mirror.  Although I could still deliberately slump, I was no longer doing it unconsciously.

Front without the vest

Front with the vest

The next few days were similar.  On the second day I had minor pain in my back after 3 hours and more intense pain after 5 hours.  The third day my shoulderblades started to ache after 6 hours.  The 26th was similar, and the next day the back pain started as soon as I put it on.  I didn’t wear it the next day due to illness, but the following day I had back pain again.  The 30th, which was the 8th day after starting my experiment and the 7th day of wearing the vest was the first day I didn’t experience back pain while wearing the vest.

On 1 May I washed the vest instead of wearing it, and also had back pain.  Between the 2nd and the 8th I washed it once and had back pain two days.  The remaining six days I didn’t have any pain.  I wore it until the 14th barring two days of washing, and had no pain during this time.

At this point I decided to see if the vest had wrought any permanent changes in my posture which would persist even if I did not wear the vest.  I didn’t have huge expectations after less than a month of wearing the vest.  My partner had observed my improved posture while wearing the vest, and confirmed that it appeared to persist, at least in the first few days after I stopped wearing the vest.

On the 27th and the 28th I resumed wearing the vest.  My theory was that if my posture had degraded, I would experience back pain by once again wearing the vest.  I was pleased to note that it didn’t cause me any pain.

In my opinion, the Braologie posture vest did help improve my posture.  There was certainly an unpleasant period in the beginning as my body adapted to the change, but the effects of the vest appear to persist even when the vest is not worn, if it has been worn for a sufficient period of time first.  I expect that I will continue to wear the vest at least from time to time to continue my posture correction, although I do not want to wear it daily for reasons I will explain in the next section.

Fit and appearance

The posture vest was not especially comfortable.  The strap positioning meant that the straps were frequently cutting into my armpits.  The back was oddly loose; I was able to stick my hand under it from both the top and the bottom without having to pull the elastic away from my body at all.  It was just gaping.   Wearing the vest without the extender didn’t solve the problem but instead just created more pressure on my armpits.  It seemed like the armholes were oddly positioned for the overall length of the vest.

The front of the vest posed a bigger problem.  Lacking vertical boning directly under my bust, it was subject to crumpling.  I had to adjust it regularly in the vain hope that it would avoid bunching.  I wore loose shirts and hoped that nobody would look too closely just below my bust, where there was an obvious unsightly bulge.  This was not a result of the cumulative effect of heavy wear but something that started on the first day.  I feel that the design would really benefit from some reinforcement under the bust similar to the boning on the sides.

Vest when just put on

The vest closing after one minute of wear

The vest after two hours of wear, no adjusting


It also isn’t possible to wear the posture vest with any clothing which exposes the back or with a sleeveless shirt as it covers most of the back and the straps are meant to lie next to the bra straps.  I’m glad I started my trial while it was still cold, as I don’t think I would want to wear it daily in the summer.


The posture vest has held up fairly well despite repeated wearing without rest.  It has, however, developed a bit of a permanent wrinkling in the front where it is scrunched every time I wear it.  It seems to be fairly well made in general.  The extender is unfortunately not so durable and was starting to look ragged after just a week.  The hooks remain in place, but there is quite a bit of fraying near the ends.  It looks the worse for wear, unlike bra extenders that I’ve gotten a similar amount of use out of.


The Braologie posture vest does seem to improve posture.  Getting this benefit requires some investment.  There may be pain initially, and clothing choices are constrained.  The vest is of fairly decent quality but could benefit from some design changes which would make it more comfortable and effective.  I was unable to observe any benefit with tissue migration.  It’s an interesting product and is more effective than I would have expected from a garment which lacks the serious boning of a corset or brace.