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So! I finally got my hands on the much coveted Alexa. It’s a bra from sub-brand named Cleo from Panache. It’s a beautiful bra and everyone that has worn it has made me so very jealous. The shape is so rounded and desirable and I knew I had to get my hands on it.

I had found a fairly cheap one on Bratabase(along with a Harmony) and had to snatch it right up. Unfortunately…you’ll see.

It’s an unpadded balconette three-part cup. The top part of the cup is trimmed with a pink lace that matches much of the design over the turquoise bra. It’s a fun and thrill-y bra and one that I’m sure I would have enjoyed very much if it had fit right. There are only two hook-and-eye closures and while it’s rare among G+ cups, It wasn’t so terrible. I’m sure that I would have felt the pressure of it eventually, but I hadn’t had that much time in it.

Cleo 1 Cleo 2

My bottom heavy breasts don’t like unpadded balconettes. I have tried many and as you can see, even if the cup is deep enough, there’s that inch at the top that I just can’t fill. It’s not that the cup is too large, it’s that it’s too tall. If I were to size down to a 28J, I assume that the issue would stay. But maybe I’ll find that out later. The cups are, fortunately, not that stretchy, which also means it would be unforgiving if one size too small or to full-on-top breasts.

So the band is quite large. It could easily be a 34 band comfortably. The band is comfortable. Despite only having two closures and too large, it didn’t feel bad.

The gore does go a bit high on my chest, but no more than most of my other bras. It’s something I’ve come to deal with and learn how to dress around if necessary. Thankfully, it’s not painfully high and so bearable if not unflattering.

There’s not much else to say about the bra. It’s…not going to work. I really wish it had, though.

Matching briefs – 14UK

In most brands, I wear a size 12UK, which is a size 8 in US sizing. In Freya, I’m a 12UK and in CK, I seem to be about a 12UK. And it seems that with this, I am a comfortable 14UK. Sizes don’t matter and I do like how flattering the undies look on me.

Alexa - 14 - 3 Alexa - 14 - 2 Alexa - 14 - 1

I’ve sucked it up and decided that you all can see my bum and cellulite. But you can also see how nicely they fit. Something I have to deal with often is the elastic of underwear cutting into my love handles and creating this muffing top that looks terrible under my form fitting clothes. These don’t do that!

They have the same design as the bra, of course, and are just as flattering. As a pair, the set is gorgeous and even alone, I’m sure I’d feel awesome.

The top elastic part measures 15″ when laid flat and the legs are 10″ laying flat. I’ve never bothered measuring undies before and I do believe that I’ll start, only so I can find sizes that work for me. The legs do fit around my awfully large thighs.

And for reference, my lower stomach part is 38.5″ and my bum measures 43″ with thighs of 23″.