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This is a review that I put off for far too long. I’ve had so much on my plate in regards to my oddly busy life and many blog posts that I’ve gotten behind on. I feel as though once I start my job, blog posts will be even more spaced out as I know for those few hours before I go to bed, at least during training, I’ll want to relax and depending on how it all affects my fibro I may just want to sleep.


Anyways! I have this bra in the CH/halfcup style and I love both of them. The CH does have a too high gore, but the shape and style and material is just to die for. I can’t even really describe the type of it and I’m sure there’s someone who does know what it is, but..anyways. It’s this soft satin like material that is shiny and feminine in all it’s plain-ness and I definitely want more of this. As I’m currently growing out of the 28K I have at the moment, I’ll attempt to get a 30K when I can–even if the total cost without shipping would be 179pln as it would have to be custom made.

The reason I state I would need a 30 band instead of a 28 is because of how ridiculously small some Ewa bands run. I only kept the CH and PL Lilia was because I have an extender to wear and coming across bras that lift and support me so beautifully is far and few between. The band and hooks have taken a real beating with using an extender and even though Ewa and small-back/large-cup are easy to sell, when I’m ready to sell these, I’ll feel terrible for the damage done.

So, they say that PL runs smaller than the other sizes and I don’t think I can find that to be quite true. While I did just grow out of the CH Biszkopty 28JJ, I also did just take out both pads of my CH and PL Lilia at around the same time. This means that it’s about accurate in sizing in my experience. I have two parts to this review, once for before I had to remove the pads and began to pop out, and one of just today.

Taken on 3/22/13 – Both pads inserted

PL lilia 3 PL lilia 4 PL lilia 5

As you can see, this bra was a bit too big, at least two cup sizes as the pads had been inserted and there was still room inside of the cups. You can also see in the center cups that there was gaping along the side and an unappealing lump-age going on in the side area of my right breast.

There’s also another problem that comes with these older pictures, something I didn’t notice I had a problem with until within the last month and moreso within the last week. The straps aren’t tight enough and are positioned too far out. Brasandbodyimage and Weirdlyshaped are two bloggers that have brought this to my attention and it’s a shame that I hadn’t noticed sooner that my breasts could and should be lifted into a much nicer area that you’ll see somewhat in the next and more recent set of photos.

The gaping could be from the cups too large, but could also be from the straps not pulling the cups up where they need to be. While my breasts are mainly supported by the band, I still have a good amount of weight that relies on the straps. I do get red marks, even more so now, but if you look at the photos above, you can see that the positioning of my breasts isn’t the most ideal, nor is the shape. I wish I had noticed this when I first took these photos, but I assume I was so happy with FINALLY having a plunge in my large size, that I couldn’t help myself.

Recent photo set, taken 5/3/13 with no pads

PL Lilia 2 3

PL Lilia 2 4

PL Lilia 2 6

This is an angeled photo, just in case anyone though I looked a bit ‘droopy’ or ‘saggy’.

PL Lilia 2 5

As usual, please ignore the terrible acne and scarring I have and this time, don’t be alarmed by the red that lays under the band. That is from slouching while curled up on the couch and doesn’t hurt in the least.

Not even two months later, and there’s a huge difference with fit, yes? There’s a nice rounded shape where my breasts meet the edges of the cup and there’s no more room for any breast to fill. If the pads were in, I’m sure I’d quadraboob completely.

Another difference with these photos is that I have the strap tightened up not only where I need them to be, but as much as they should be to help with the weight. It would be nice to have more central positioning of the straps to help offset the downward shape of the cup. And, with the straps tightened, cups filled, there’s the shape you can see in photo 2 that is I must admit to not liking quite much. The frontal view is a nice rounded shape and I get cleavage that is not hard for someone my size to achieve, but the side profile is not desirable. Anyone know what causes this?

Now, to the rest of the actual–albeit short–review.

The gore is nice. I would prefer for it to be a bit shorter because it still shows in some of my shirts, but it’s a great improvement compared to the CH Lilia and even the CH Biszkopty I have. I sure as hell wouldn’t complain if all my bras had gores around the 3″ mark, but I don’t think that would be practical for all styles and I think that’s why this is called a plunge.

The wires are something I’m often heard complaining about and usually wish for something else. The wires in this bra aren’t all that terrible, though. Length and width wise, I wouldn’t say I have much to complain about. They don’t wrap around my body as most bras I’ve tried do and they don’t poke into my underarms or lay on my breast tissue.

The PL Lilia also comes with 3 sets of straps; halter, half-adjustable padded and fully-adjustable regular. Their are four levels of three hooks-and-eyes for maximum use of the bra. It’s a three part cup plunge bra with cute little gems on the gore for that extra added effect of femininity.