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This is the final of the three borrowed bras that I had my hands on. This is the first S style bra that Ewa came out with and it has been reviewed two other times on my blog(65(30)GG and 80(36)H). I had wanted to try the S bra because of how many had loved it and it was definitely something on my wishlist. Until this mass order with Ewa, I hadn’t thought I’d get a chance to wear one and while the S Porcelanka was a perfect and beautiful fit(which I will be getting back from the woman as it does not fit her), this S is a few sizes too small and it is quite obvious in this post. Although, it does outline the fact that Ewa Michalak’s calculate it just a smidge wrong.

This S Wisniowka is a 30H and the calculator puts me at a 34HH, which would mean this is one cup smaller than what it would have me try, but hey, close enough. The S bra has been out for a few months and has been tried by many women, other than the two on my blog and it’s really been a hit if you can find the correct size–which can always be a bitch when it comes to just about any brand, much more with Ewa.

I had to wear this bra with an extender. I really hate how inconsistent the bands and just overall sizing is with Ewa Michalak bras. I’m sure I’ve complained about all this and more many times over and it definitely won’t be the last you hear of it as I doubt I’ll be able to fit any other brands much longer. Anyways, for being a few cup sizes two small, I’m jealous. The wires on the side were short and didn’t wrap so far around my body. But, it seems that my wide and soft roots need the higher wires on the sides that I had thought they had.

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The fit I get is more than unflattering because of the poor fit. It’s not something I would even pretend that I could pull off as I would feel too..exposed and not supported. It really is nice that the wires don’t go so far around my body because it’s something that I really would prefer and not seem to be allowed in my larger cups.

The cups are quite nice, they may not be big enough but they were still quite damn sturdy and supportive. The ‘armpit fat’ that escapes is because of too small cups, and I’d say about two or three sizes, would probably look smoother on the side if I had the right size. The pictures up top don’t do well showing the boob spilleth that I experienced and so I went about taking another picture to make it much more obvious.

starter 5

Now, you’ll also have to forgive not only the background of my room(I think that’s a bra hanging out of the hamper) but I can’t remember if I swooped and scooped as much as I could. In regards to the breast that was constantly spilling out of the side, it’s hard to say that this bra was anywhere near fitting. I maybe wore this bra for about 20 minutes to get the feel and fit of it and the moment it came off, my boobs felt relieved. If you were a woman once in poorly fitting bras, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I gauge the fit and support of a bra not only on how it looks and feels while it’s on, but how my breasts feel when it comes off. If there’s that great sigh of relief and heaviness in my breasts when a bra is removed, I know it’s too small. Sure, it’s not the best way to say whether a bra fits or not, but it works for me and I’m sticking to it. If my bra isn’t comfy and I can’t wait to rip it off, it’s a no go for me.

starter 1

I do think that the forward profile is very desirable and I don’t really have complaints about it. The straps do look a bit far and could be closer to the center and I may have achieved a better shape(more fit problems) as other woman are also in complaint of. The straps do adjust enough and because of the low sides, I don’t have the cutting into my arms as I usually do.

As this size is a few cups too small, I had the usual fit problems; gore not against my sternum, spillage in all areas, cups cutting into my breast, ect., ect. and so anymore complaints of the bra wouldn’t be fair on my part as it just isn’t the bras fault it doesn’t fit my large boobs.