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At one time, I had my hands on both a CH and a CHP. The CHP was a style that did nothing for me and even caused a bit of quadraboob which is a hard feat for my bottom-heavy breasts. The CH and CHP are styles by Ewa Michalak that are meant to be similar except for the fact that the center gore is a bit more plungey and it’s been said that the CHP is a love-child of CH and PL.

I do hope I’m not confusing with all this Ewa Michalak ‘Terminology’. To make things easier, I’ve linked and credited to Curvy Wordy’s explanation of the different styles.

(PL)Plunge bra
Bra designed for deep, plunging necklines. It is very low at the centre. The plunge bra makes your breasts closer together.

(CH)Halfcup bra
Bra worn under broad and low necklines. Cups have one vertical seam. The edges of the cups form an almost vertical line. The halfcup bra is low cut and shows the upper part of your breasts.

The CHP is a mixture of the two in the sense that while it has vertical seams to give that half-cup appeal, it dips in slightly and the cups are slightly angles in a different way. The difference between the gores is less than .5″.

The difference it creates in shape while wearing the bra is more noticeable.

Measurements of both:
CHP Fiolek:

CH Biszkopty:

First, my natural measurements(during this experiment):
Perimeter of one breast: 14.3″/36cm
Perimeter of both breasts: 26.8″/68.1cm
Distance between breasts: 2.25″/5.7cm
Nipple to Neck Distance: 10.5″/26.7cm
Nipple to Nipple Distance: 11″/28cm
Outward Projection: 7.5″/18.4cm
Bottom to Nipple: 5″/12.7cm
Bottom to Top: 10.2″/25.7cm

Perimeter of one breast: 12.5″/31.75cm
Perimeter of both breasts: 24.5″/62.2cm
Distance between breasts: 2.1″/5.3cm
Nipple to Neck Distance: 8.25″/21cm
Nipple to Nipple Distance: 10″/25.4cm
Outward Projection: 6.1″/15.4cm
Bottom to Nipple: 4.5″/11.45cm
Bottom to top: 9.7″/24.65cm

Perimeter of one breast: 13.25″/35cm
Perimeter of both breasts: 23.75″/63cm
Distance between breasts: 1.5″/3.8cm
Nipple to Neck Distance: 9″/22.9cm
Nipple to Nipple Distance: 8″/20.3cm
Outward Projection: 7″/17.8cm
Bottom to Nipple: 5″/12.7cm
Bottom to top: 10.6″/27cm

The shape that the CHP creates, in my opinion, is much less flattering than the one the CH creates. The CHP gives more of an east/west direction while the CH projects me forward. If you see in the measurements, it is shown just how much closer and how much further projected I am in the CH compared to the CHP.

I had noticed the ‘problem’ immediately. I knew it would be remedied if the cup was slightly sturdier and more forward. It somewhat spreads me out to the sides instead of forward like the CH does. It’s not necessarily a terrible difference or an unappealing look and for others, but it just did not suit me as well as the CH did.

I even took a picture of how the CHP would benefit me better.

fiolek 11



And here is how the CH fit

biszkopty 4

The angles may be different, but as you can see the CH projects me more forward as the CHP compresses them just slightly towards my chest and out towards the side. It definitely achieves that ‘barwench’ look that I don’t mind all too terribly.

These bras weren’t only different styles, they were also different models, meaning the materials were different. This is always something to be wary of when it comes to Ewa as no two models run alike. That doesn’t necessarily affect much besides the stretch of the band, as far as I know. The differences that these two bras had were the gore height, the wire length, the cup depth and the wing height. Even if the difference between these four things is minimal, it does truly affect the fit.

For the gore height it’s less than a centimeter difference, but I found that the small difference effected how the bra felt in general. The gore came up a bit lower in the CHP to make it a different style than the CH. The wire length difference is more of an inch difference and the CHP Fiolek is once again the holder of the larger measurement. The CHP has the larger wing height up as well, giving the partial PL effect that a CHP is meant to have. The CH on the other hand has equal gore and wing height which makes it a true half-cup as it is meant to be. All these factors can affect the shape and overall fit. I found that these things brought the cups downward to press into my breast tissue versus the CH that had the advantage of deeper cups and an equal wire and gore height that helped resolve any of those issues.

While there aren’t significant differences between these two bras, it did affect the fit and shape that I got. They both were wonderful shaped and meant for larger busts, both halfcups even if one was not meant to be a full and true halfcup and surely didn’t become one.