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This is the bra from the same woman who ordered the S Porcelanka. The SM is an unpadded version of the S bras and might I say that it is beautiful! Unpadded bras and I don’t get along very well. It is just a very unhappy relationship. This SM and I had our problems in the brief moment that I wore it and that’s that. I would keep it if I had purchased it though simply because it is sexy as fuck!

The SM has fully adjustable straps–Zoe!–and is just as wonderful as the S bra. The gore is just as tall as it was on the S Porcelanka and but for the band measurement, all measurements of the bra. This bra would be small for a 28 band! It doesn’t even stretch to 28 inches and yet its a 30J! It was very irritating and I’m glad that I have extenders laying around for such moments like this.

trefl 1 trefl 2

For an unpadded bra, it gives me amazing shape! And support! The only thing is that when I move, I get an excessive amount of jiggle with my soft tissued breasts that I feel very uncomfortable with. But I do look sexy in it! I feel sexy in it! And this would be a bra that I would wear on those nights where I want to be at my sexiest(if only I still had a boyfriend.) And I would so pretend that this bra was lost if I were anything but an honest woman…

Like most Ewa bras in this size, there are three hook and eyes with four levels for maximum use of the band. For myself, because of how tight it ran, I wouldn’t get much use of the actual hooks before I grew out of it!

The fit is very spot on. The gaping on my smaller breast is a bit more noticeable with the lace than it was with the padded S Porcelanka, but not terribly so. The lace has very little, if any, give or stretch to the lace. If you get one cup size below what you need or are fuller on top, I can imagine this bra giving a quadraboob that could be uncomfortable as well as unattractive. The cups were surprisingly deep enough for my bottom heavy breasts that there were absolute no wrinkling at the bottom that I get many times over in just about every bra I could think of.

trefl 3 trefl 4

The wires of this bra were short and definitely not as wide as most bras I come across. They encapsulated my breasts without cutting into the tissue or going all the way nearly to my back. The shape of this bra was very to-die-for. It’s one I never would have expected from a non-padded.

I would recommend this bra for the more firm tissued ladies out there. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with all that jiggling and I’m sure if I did some stairs–which I’m unable to because of my leg–or some jumping, I could be doing a lot more jiggling and a lot more pain just as I had in those ill-fitting VS bras.

And this marks the end of my short and borrowed review

And as an after comment, these pictures do NO justice to the actual beauty of the bra.