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So, in the last order for a bra for my mother(which I will post a review for that later on), there were two other women who wished to order with me to save on shipping. They both were kind enough to allow me to try them on and review them for my blog! There are a total of three and each shall have a short review of their own.

First up is the S Porcelanka. My first S bra! It’s nice. It’s beautifully simply and I definitely approve. The S bras are a new style recently introduced the beginning of the year and blew up the Ewa Michalak fan community! Everyone was talking about them and many tried and loved them and I definitely wished to get on the bandwagon if they weren’t so expensive. But lucky me, each woman ordered them! Each do have a different size, though..

porcelanka 1 porcelanka 2 porcelanka 4

Oddly enough, the one I am currently reviewing is a 65(30)J and so isn’t my usual size. It runs small for a 30 and barely even reaches that mark. I like the fit of it though. I’ve become a 28JJ in CH’s and just about a 28K for PL and this fits better than both of those. I do like the shape of it and I think this is the perfect shape for my breast type. If I were to get another Ewa bra, I think I would size up to a 30 instead of the 28’s I have as Ewa runs very tight. The cup size is even fairly well and I’d say it runs true to size. There’s minimal amount of gaping on my right breast as it is smaller, but there’s no problem on my left at all.

I really like the wires on this one. They don’t run up too high, nor do they run to the back of my body like most bras do. They contain all the breast tissue without any problem. I am definitely liking the shape and sturdiness and just about everything of this bra. I definitely want to get my hands on one.

porcelanka 3 porcelanka 5

The straps are partially adjustable, which would be terrible for such woman who are more petite than I am as I have it nearly all the way fastened. Sorry Zoe~! There are three hooks and eyes and four levels to allow maximum use of the band, which is very good as I hear most EMs stretch out very quickly(not having this problem myself.)

There is a lovely little bow on the gore and a beautiful lace trim that makes me fall in love with this bra and if I were a terrible woman, I would keep it to myself and claim it got lost in the mail! But alas, I do have to give this bra up.

It’s a very nice fit, and if it doesn’t fit the woman who originally bought it, I definitely call first dibs on it! 

And this is the end of the short review~