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I’ve had a good few Freya bras in my time, some good, some bad. It took a while to find my size, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. The 32GG Deco was ‘good’ in the cups but too large in the band and the 30H Carys could be tighter in the band. So across three bras that fit, my size is about a 30H/28HH. This Antoinette that I had luckily come upon is a 30H on bratabase for a good cheap price. And even though the bra has been used, it feels like new to me! I’ve always been a bargain shopper and regardless if someone has worn or used something before me, it’s brand new when I get it!

Anyways, Antoinette is a discontinued balconette that came in black, red, and nude. This bra has three hook and eyes over three rows, partially adjustable straps with a lace trim. “This bra is very similar to Clarissa/Lucy etc, but is made out of a knit fabric with a slight stretch…”[Bratabase]

I would have taken a black bra if it had been one, for I have a nude. I haven’t had a red bra in my lingerie since I had shopped at Victoria’s Secret in my bra-fitting ignorant days. Now black is a bra that I will be aiming to achieve next since I have all the basic colors except that(white, red, beige).


If you’ve noticed, I love molded/padded bras simply because I’m convinced that not a lot of non-molded bras can shape my breasts as they should. I’ve obviously been proven wrong multiple times, even by bras that don’t fit right, the rounded shape I get is astounding. This bra is one of them. It’s become my fourth favorite bra after my Ewa Michalak bras. I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves. IMG_1005 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1004

I just noticed that I really adore my figure and how it comes out in these photos!

As you can see, the bra fits wonderfully, even when I lift my arms. I’m sure balconettes aren’t supposed to mirror a fullcup, but I think that’s due to my bottom heavy breasts. I don’t know, I’ve never had top heavy breasts and can’t be sure of this. I do know that there is no way for the cups to go any lower as they are a perfect fit here.

One of my favorite things about the bra, besides the soft and comfortable material, is the wires. They don’t go too far back on my body. As a large busted woman with wide roots, I’m glad that the wires are wide, that’s what I need in particular. My breasts are also very maneuverable  meaning that even if the wires were narrow, I’m doubt I would notice the difference. Maybe I’m not wide rooted at all, it’s all migrated breast tissue that is slowly making it’s way back where it should be. It definitely would explain a lot.

Back to the bra; the straps do look a bit wide, don’t they? I think that’s only because of how my arms are pulled forward. I have very squishy and even slightly flabby arms with no muscle tone and so the fat there does squish against everything really easily. They are actually really comfortable and I don’t have a complain about it. Hell, I don’t think I have a complaint about the whole bra.

For a used bra, the band is very true to size, or at least it is now. It is on the tighter end of the 30 range as I tend to wear 28 bands. If only this bra came in a 28HH.