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I am just not seeming to have any sort of luck with Curvy Kate bras lately. Do you know how much this depresses me? I was so looking forward to have another CK bra in my collection after I grew out of the Showgirl Collection range. Maybe the bras I’m trying aren’t the best shape for my breasts and I was just meant to wear the Showgirl ones. Who knows, but I’m not giving up my search for a good CK bra.

Because of my unfortunately terrible experience with the Smoothie a month or so ago, a lovely PR from the company sent me this Desire to help make up for it and give me a good fit. I sent a few emails back and forth to determine my size and because I am quite busty, they sent me a 30J instead of my usual 28 band as they stop at J cup. I was slightly worried that I hadn’t received the bra and was on the verge of emailing the woman I corresponded with because I had been afraid it was lost in the mail. Today would have been the last day I would have given the package to arrive.

When I returned home from my trip to the post office(turns out the package the mailman didn’t deliver was indeed my two shirts from Urkye–review to come), I checked the mail and lo and behold there’s my Curvy Kate package! I opened the envelope to see a very cute little bag that held my bra wrapped in pink wrapping tissue. I’m definitely going to find a use for this bag, as it’s a small tote.


The first thing I did when opening the small package was try on the bra of course! The Desire is a multi-way plunge. The straps are fully adjustable–too easily adjustable, if you ask me–that can be used for racerback, halter, and regular. I’m sure some could also use this as a strapless bra, but I was not one of them. There are three rows and three sets of hook-and-eyes on a very firm band. The design on the bra is much like the Smoothie in the way that it’s light and subtle, except on this bra it’s a cute little swirl design that I do adore.

Desire 5

( This has got to be one of the most unflattering pictures of my stomach, I’m sorry )

Desire 4 Desire 6

Desire 3

I don’t have the most firm breasts in the world and the fact that they are bottom heavy are sure to make it worse. But to be brutally honest, I have no idea where to start with this. The cups are wrong, the straps are wrong, the band isn’t right…

The cups are wide. Too wide. I have never come across a bra with as wide wires as this. Yet oddly enough, it contained me well on the side. They didn’t come up high as they did on the CK Smoothie and were actually very comfortable. But because of the shallow depth and wide wires, my breasts took on more of their natural settlement and became more compressed than anything else. I did like the plunge style, though. I have a PL Lilia and I thought that gore was small, this one doesn’t even measure three inches. I like that! The compression shape is not one I want, nor the wider shape. I like the projection forward and it seems like only Ewa Michalak will ever truly be able to give me that.

The straps…are too flimsy. They may be nearly an inch in width, but they are thin and the adjustability on them is insane. The length is insanely long because of the fact that it can be racerback and halter, but they shouldn’t be as easy to move as they are. But that does mean they are fully adjustable and then some, so for those low on the chest or with larger shoulders, these would be good straps.

For a band of 30, this doesn’t stretch to 30″. While trying this bra on, I had thought this was a 28 band! Usually I wear a 28 band because while I measure 29″ on average, I prefer the firmness and tightness a 28 band can offer for my large bust. There are few bras that I would wear a 30 band as I would only if the bands ran tight. I would definitely recommend sizing up one in the band for this bra.

I know the problem with this fit comes from the fact that the cups are too shallow for me. I do have wide roots and my breasts are soft and I have been told that wide wires are good for my type, it doesn’t flatter me. The shape I get with this bra is very near the shape that I get when I don’t wear a bra and in my opinion, I might as well not if I had a choice between natural and this bra. Another problem caused by the shallow-ness of the bra is the gap that runs underneath my breast because my bottom heavy breasts cannot fill it. This happened in Smoothie as well.

Although, would someone help explain why the cups curl outward at the top?

Now, for the first time, I will review the matching briefs with pictures. I did wear a pair of black panties beneath simply because I am not yet that comfortable with showing my bum in that way–not that there’s anything wrong with it and I’m sure with a few more reviews of underwear, I’ll be doing just that.

I received the matching briefs in a size 12 that have suspenders for hoisery(?). They are sheer with a satin panel in the front and along the top. The satin part does have the same design that the bra does.

Warning, these aren’t the most flattering photos of my lower body.

IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1119

When first sliding these panties on, I had honestly thought they wouldn’t fit. I have large thighs and it was a bit of a struggle to pull them up. Once I did, I think I liked them. The elastic at the top did cut into my skin as most underwear do and create that muffin top due to the fact my midsection is the least fit part of my body. I think if the rest of the panties, the sheer part, had been just a black panel, it would have looked equally as cute. I’m not much for the sheer underwear and would rather all of my bum be covered.

They are true to size and fit just as my other CK panties had, but are slightly smaller than the Freya size 12 panties I have. I definitely would say buy the matching briefs if you get this bra, it’s a cute little set that I wouldn’t pass up. Although…only if the bra did fit better.