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I think this will be a fairly short review.

This is my first of the sub-brand, Cleo by Panache. This bra is a balconette, 3-part cup with sheer panels and a gorgeous embroidery over the top sheer. The straps are fully adjustable, yet seem to be fairly short to start out with and I assume this would work wonders on more petite women–as I’m 5’6 and benefit from it.

The fit is much different between the Cleo and the regular Panache. I don’t know how I feel about it, to be honest. It’s a gorgeous bra and I was very eager to see the shape I could receive as many were given a rounded and full shape. While I did absolutely love what this bra did for my shape, it so obviously didn’t fit.

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As you can see, there is quadraboob. I don’t think the cups are too small, I simply think that it’s not for my breasts. The top of the cup is unforgiving and if I do adjust the cups slightly, the effect goes away. That isn’t possible to do at all time or with a bigger cup size. The rounded shape is something I always go for. I may not be as projected as I usually like, but why complain when my breasts look so awesome! It’s only too bad that the top of the cup cuts into my breast tissue as it does in the first picture.

If you see, the wires also doesn’t go all that high on under the arms and I mentioned that as a positive trait in my review of the Curvy Kate Lottie. Another thing that I love is the center gore area. It’s short, it’s not part of the full band and it’s perfect. It’s firm against my sternum without feeling suffocating and it gives my breasts a better chance of settling into the cups as they did.

This bra is beautiful, it really is; the shape is magnificent  the material soft, the band firm and the wire comfortable. It’s a shame that it doesn’t fit. I might just not have any sort of luck with Panache. I’ll keep trying, of course, but I don’t have high hopes for it..