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After nearly 20 days, my extenders came in. I’ll review the bra with and without the extender. I’ve been waiting to do this review for this exact reason.

This beautiful bra is a CH shape from the lovely and quickly addicting Ewa Michalak. This bra is a half-cup with insertable pads and removable pads. The first set of straps are fully adjustable, the second are partially adjustable(the ones I use the most) that have extra padding along the shoulder area for comfort, and the last strap is a halter strap! The last one has also come in handy many times. There are three hook and eyes with four rows for longer band use.

I haven’t even reached the first hook! The band barely stretched past 28″ and never have I tried a band so tight! With or without the extender, this bra is firm and I don’t know if I would consider it a true 28 band. I’m sure this would be great on someone between 26-28″ but definitely no where over as I am–even if it was only a few fractions of an inch. Wearing the bra with the first hook stretched it out terrible. The strain on the band was warping the whole bra.

lilia 7 lilia 8 lilia 9 lilia 6

While I am aware that large cups do have wires that go quite far back under the arm, the shape and amount of it is ridiculous. Again, this is with the bra on the loosest hook. Another problem caused by the bra being stretched to the max is the poor cup fit. It does look quite smoothed over my breast, there is actually a small amount of gaping that is even all throughout the top half of the up. The stretching of the band caused the cups to stretch and it messed with the fit. There’s not much else to comment. While the cups were well enough with the band clasped that tight, I could hardly tell if the bra actually fit like this.

And so I waited for an extender…

lilia 2 - 6

halter strap used

lilia 2 -4 Lilia 2 -2 Lilia 2 - 3 Lilia 2 - 1

Looking at the side view picture, you can see the difference in the wire shape. The band isn’t being strained anymore and so while it’s tight enough to give support, it’s not so tight that I can’t breathe and the bra actually fits.

In both instances, and at all times, I wear the pad inserts with the bra. I had discovered with the 28JJ CH Biszkopty, that that is my Ewa Michalak size. This bra had been the first I bought, though, I just had to wait until the extender came in to write a review. But with the extender, I can’t imagine passing it on!

I’m going to point out the negatives simply because it’s a quick one. The gore is too high! It’s a total of five inches! Even now, after wearing it for nearly a month, the top of the gore is still pressing into my sternum. I understand that it’s a halfcup, but good lord! I have the CH Biszkopty in a 28JJ and that gore is only four inches and I find that a perfect height for halfcups.

Now on to the positives, the band. The band is actually quite wide for having only three hook and eye rows. It’s amazing! The thicker the band means the more support and the less chance you have of feeling the strain on your skin.

The straps, as I mentioned in my lottie review, I noticed are too wide for my shoulders. Especially with the straps in the picture. They are constantly sliding off my shoulders and it can get a bit annoying. I guess I had more negative things to say than I initially thought. I don’t know if I put the straps on the wrong side, but as I move around, the right strap slides out of the little hook. It’s on my right side–my smaller side–and so I find it very confusing as to why this side.

The cups were very stiff at first. Very molded to the point that if my breasts weren’t insanely soft tissued, I’m sure I would have had many more fit issues. This issue did slightly disappear after I had washed it, which is recommended before wear because of the starch to keep its shape when shipped. Anyways, I love the cups. They are brilliantly shaped in such a way that I can’t help but love them! This bra doesn’t give as much projection as my CH Biszkopty does, but I am definitely not complaining.

My favorite feature about this bra is the fact that I have a strapless bra! I am so obviously large busted and have never been able to wear anything strapless without the straps showing, nor did I ever think so! This changes it and I gladly wear it without any straps. I have no fear of the band slipping or sliding or being uncomfortable, the cups pretty much keep their shape and I get to wear strapless clothing without it looking ‘tacky’.

I love this bra and would recommend it greatly. It does have it’s faults, but what bra is completely and absolutely perfect? This is definitely my second most worn bra.