As most of you are aware, Curvy Kate is probably my favorite large busted brand. They are also the brand I went to first when discovering my ‘true size’. I loved their Showgirl Collection(Tempt Me, Thrill Me, Tease Me) and wish that I could still fit into their size range. The Showgirl Collection is known to run small in the cups, meaning that while I was a 28J in that range, I would be a ‘smaller’ cup in their other products. Taking into account that it was nearly a full year ago since I fit into these bras, I wanted to try another Curvy Kate. I was lucky enough to happen upon a Lottie on a facebook group for sale at a reasonable price that I couldn’t pass up(throwing in the fact that I also got two matching panties).

The bra was a 28HH and according to bratabase, it should have fit me. But alas, it was quite too small. The bra is an indigo and wine coloring with beautiful lace like designs over the top of the cup with a semi-large bow on the center gore. It consists of three hook and eyes and fully adjustable straps.

In my search for bras that are my size, I have expanded my range to include non molded/padded bras as I had only ever wanted. This is one of the most sheer consisting bras I have ever tried. I don’t think it flatters me very well. Even if the cup was larger as I would so obviously need it to be, this bra is not made for my breast type.

I’m going to talk about the positives first. The wires don’t come up high on the side, nor do they go as far back as most of my breast do. I love it. I like that they are there to keep in my wide roots, but don’t go so high they it looks unattractive. I also adore that the center gore is less than four inches as the bras that do fit me are 4+. Unfortunately, because of the poor fit, that is all I can say positively.

On to the negatives…

Lottie 4 Lottie 7 Lottie 6

The shape I get, even if the cups were large enough, is east-west–the most dreaded shape. It seems that not all sheer cups work for bottom heavy breasts, either. There’s wrinkling at the bottom and there’s quadraboob at the top. The material on the sheer isn’t very forgiving. Then again, the wrinkling at the bottom might be solved if I had a larger cup. There’s no way it could be passable that this fits, and so maybe a larger cup would give me the room I need.

Not only do the nonpadded cups run larger than the showgirl collection, but the bands run tighter. I measure around 29″ on average through the months, and so 28″ are usually my go to size. With this bra, I would have to go up to a 30 band. The band hardly stretches past 28″ and the only way I could close it was to add an extender.

I have a habit of moving straps to where I need the and I don’t even think about the fact that the straps may be too wide for me. I don’t think I have narrow shoulders as they look quite proportionate for my frame. As of late, though, I have noticed that I must move the straps up in the proper place more. No, they don’t need to be tightened, but because of the design of the bra, they are not where they are made to be, so they true to move there. This is may be a design flaw, or it might just be just how my body is and so it’s another negative thing about this bra for myself specifically.

This is a beautiful bra, don’t get me wrong and I so dearly wish it would fit. Because it does not, I will be selling it on bratabase along with a matching briefs(UK size 12.)