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As most of my avid readers know, I frequent bratabase. I often visit the listings to see if I can come across anything for myself or other women I know. Things that are always appealing to me are the giveaways. It isn’t often that things of value to me are listed in this area, or if they are, I am simply too late to claim them. This time, I was able to call dibs on this bra. I received it in a short time from another bratabase user and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it, as it was used.

This is a discontinued model and I have had the most difficult time finding the description or the material of the bra and so this post will go without one. It’s a pretty black sheer base with white flower designs over it. There are three hook and eyes, as most GG+ bras consist of, thankfully.The straps are unfortunately not fully adjustable, they aren’t even halfway adjustable. I can’t imagine this being a good choice when it comes to the straps for more petite women, but at 5’6, I didn’t seem to have nay problem.


The Superbra Fiesta Floral is actually my second Panache bra, the first being a Harmony I tried in the attempt of finding my size without the +4 method and wanting to lop of my breasts. That was an epic fail and before I had started my blog and so I cannot say much on it. It is the same size as the Harmony I had ordered a year ago, but this time, my breasts have grown both due to migration and natural hormones of my body.

fiesta 1

arms raised

arms raised

It’s a 30J and it’s quite a shame that the bra doesn’t fit. There is gaping along the top, which even if I were to grow into it, I think I would still have because of my bottom heavy breasts. A part that I don’t quite like is the non-stretchy top part of the cup that would be very unforgiving if the bra was slightly too small or for top heavy breasts. This also would not be beneficial for anyone in between sizes, as the firm band on the sheer would prevent a good quality fit and would create a quadraboob effect.

There is wrinkling on the side of the cup when I move around, and I think it’s because it’s too big and my breasts are soft tissued and don’t round out the cup as some might, nor does it help that they are bottom heavy and never like staying at the top of a cup. But besides those issues, if fit fairly well. I don’t have anymore complaints and I think if I’d gotten this in a 30HH or maybe a 30H, then I’d have a much better fit. The band though, is less than true to size. The band only stretches to 29″ and it’s lucky that I usually wear 28 bands as a 28.5″ underbust. It’s tight and firm and yet surprisingly comfortable. I had even nearly turned to this bra to wear when all my other bras were in the much needed washing process. (I ended up not wearing it as the Freya Antoinette was in the mail right as I got dressed and walked out to check it–review on that later.)

fiesta 2 fiesta 3

The shape that I achieve with this bra is surprisingly amazingly! Even though the cups are a bit too big, I don’t get an overdramatic east-west shape and I’m rounded fairly well. If I had to, which I nearly did, I would wear this bra out. It’s comfortable and the gaping of the sheer at the top wouldn’t harm me in anyway. With a high cut shirt, I’m sure I would do well in it.

I’d recommend this bra for bottom heavy and soft tissue breasts. The firmness that some have might be affected by the firm band in the sheer at the top. I’ll most likely be keeping this bra for when I grow. It was a giveaway and I should definitely put it to use when I’m able to!