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This is a phrase most have heard. And I believe many agree with it, I know I do. I had a thought earlier, wondering aloud to my twitter friends of whether or not my want to read negative reviews was a bad habit. I find it more beneficial for me to read of the faults and downsides of a product–most commonly lingerie. There were many who agreed with me. While it surprised me that it was common for consumers to prefer the negative reviews, it made perfect sense to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with positive reviews. I simply believe both are equally valuable when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. I know, for myself, that reading something negative helps me be more subjective than simply reading the positive that could twist my true opinion.

I believe that before I start on this post, I should define my thoughts on ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ reviews. I, personally, value detailed and thorough reviews of any product, for both of the types. There is always the possibility of poor reviews, whether they are meant to be positive or not. If a consumer is unhappy with a product and simply bashes the brand or said product without giving feedback of the reasoning or the possible improvements, then how could this review be helpful in anyway? It goes the same for positive reviews, if a post is made simply to benefit the product or company without taking into account of the impact a false review can have.

A false review would be one that holds little to no truth and was created for financial compensation or promotion. False reviews can also be created by those who simply cannot fathom saying anything but positive comments. This can be very misleading.

As my blog is for lingerie and women, I obviously often look for reviews of many lingerie pieces. One that caught my eyes was the mixed reviews for the Curvy Kate Smoothie. I had been sent this bra due to a terrible problem I had with the first Curvy Kate bras I had as a replacement. (Curvy Kate has wonderful customer service which will get its own post later on.) I can think of two bloggers off the top of my head that did amazingly well in such a bra while I had the worst luck I possibly could. I believe that these reviews, both the two of the bra being excellent and of my own sadly negative review are beneficial and needed. Without both, I believe that women will not get the full picture of the product and may run into the issues that I had. By saying this, it may come off as though I’m downplaying the importance of a good review and even insinuating that the other bloggers spoke anything but the truth, I simply mean that there are multiple sides and with different opinions and experiences, all should be considered.

When I go on the pursuit of a review, or I see one that is simply interesting, I find the flaws of the product equally, or even more so, important compared to the benefits of whichever product it is. The flaws and faults in a product do not mean that a product is bad or should not be purchased, but by pointing out these issues, if assists others in making this decision for themselves.

Another benefit of negative reviews is what’s known as customer feedback. There are many brands and companies that take their customers opinions into consideration. When one gives a review, be it negative or positive, they are giving feedback to the company which means that the faults are pointed out as well as what features are popular. As I mentioned the Smoothie earlier on in this post, I will stick to this product and company.

Curvy Kate is still a fairly new brand, having any been founded a few years back, but long before I had joined in the world of large cups. They are well known for their great customer service and their willingness to listen to feedback. The newest of these that fits my example is for the Smoothie. The Smoothie was released just last year and with any new style and product, there were faults–a bit of many with this one. But instead of cutting the production of this bra, they decided to change it to correct the problems that their customers experienced and the two new colors and the style of 2013 Spring/Summer are different than they were in 2012 Autumn/Winter. This is only one example, there are many more I can think of.

So all in all, all press is good press, but only if there is a positive attitude taken with both types of reviews. This has been a very long winded post. I’m sure many things were repeated and some things were redundantly repeated. I hope all this made sense and my point was gotten across.

I would love to have some thoughts or opinions on this matter, as well.