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This guest post is from a wonderful woman who is unable to post this due to country laws. I was more than happy to offer my own blog for her review. These shapes are new for her, as is trying to find her sizes in such.

Ewa Michalak is a Polish brand that hand makes bras in a multitude of sizes and quickly became popular due to their quality and style. They have multiple style shapes and even more colors and types.


This is my first guest post. Ahhhh! Crazy! I’d like to hug Ms. Izzy for letting me do this.

Anywho, just for a background, I am usually a 28H/30GG in UK sizes. After hearing that unlike the plunges, other styles of Ewa Michalak bra sizing runs similar to the UK, I ordered two 65GG bras–the S shape and the CHP Ametyst.
The customer service was…meh. I had just about given up on this company because of the not-so-great customer service but then I received a voucher from my sister. Attention: do not give a voucher as a gift. They charged my sister shipping (which they took off later) and it had to be used in a 3 month period. There were a few times in the past I tried to order. I had emailed, asking about ordering the bikinis that had been reviewed by Braless in Brasil and CurvyWordy, to which she responded that she only sells what you see on the site. Some time later, I wanted to place a special order for 65H in some plunge bras. She couldn’t make bras that had any special prices, only the expensive ones. All of this exchange of information took longer than it should have. Needless to say, if you want to order from this company, the best way is to go through the site. As iffy as I am on capitalism, sometimes I wish customer service in Poland was like that of America. I have worked in retail and bad customer service really sticks out at me.
Now, this is a review for the bras…
The S shape is a prettier bra than I thought it would be. The red is deep and the trim isn’t as obvious-looking as in the promo pictures. The shape it gives is a great one; they are high, well-supported, with some fairly nice cleavage. The band…there is no problems with that. It is perfect in every way. However, the fit leaves much to be desired. The underwires on the sides did not come up high enough (a rare problem, I’m only 5′!) so there was some side-boob escapees (on both sides but more so on my larger). Speaking of differently sized breasts, this bra is not friendly to such differences. There was noticeable gaping. The straps were a comfortable distance apart, with embroidery to keep them from slipping and they are also fully adjustable.
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The CHP Ametyst is a bra whose aesthetics I love so much, I thought about keeping it. I figured…well I can fix it. But after speaking with a woman on Bratabase who seems to alter many of the bras she sells, it was decided that it wasn’t worth it. The fix I am talking about are the straps. Why are they so far apart? I put the bra on and fell head over heels for the way they made my girls look. 20 minutes later, there were semi-painful red marks where my underarms meet my arms and I knew this would only get worse when worn over a day. I do have narrow shoulders, so this would probably work on someone else. Well, what if I moved the straps inward? There would still be the problem of too-short underwires. Yes, that happened with this bra as well. This bra is also not the most difference-friendly but it was a lot less noticeable. Honestly, a bad fit is less noticeable in this because it just makes boobs look SO GOOD.
I have since learned that I should stick with 65H plunges and I think with Ewa Michalak, once you find you’re shape, you’re golden. But the process is timely and expensive. If you don’t live in Poland, or you don’t know your shape/size in EM, utilize Bratabase to gauge this information before placing an order. I will be selling (or exchanging for a 65H plunge) both of these bras and hopefully, they will be better to someone else than they were to me.
Oops. P.S.-My blog is lingerieandlibraries.wordpress.com.