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Curvy Kate has done me fantastically well in the past. I had all three of their Showgirl Collection and loved them greatly until I was no longer able to fit into their size range. I was hoping this would all change with their padded Smoothie as many said it ran large in the cup. There were many problems wrong with me fitting into this bra and I didn’t even want to wear it to take pictures! I received a lovely 28J. It’s a beautiful bra and it’s a shame it didn’t fit.

It’s black with a light shading of a pattern print on it. There is a small little gem in the center on the gore that adds a little flare. The straps are fully adjustable and with three hook and eye rows. I also received the matching high waisted briefs in a size 12. Those also have the same pattern as the bra and I am keeping those! The briefs do well to smooth over the difference in my hips and lower stomach and the small amount of fat I have there.


The band is true to size and I think didn’t even stretch out to 29″. It fit my 28.5 underbust perfectly. It was snug at first but I think with a wash and a wear, it would fit wonderfully. The cups might have been more true to size as the 28J Tease Me I wore was smaller in the cups. The problem with the cups was the width. I got the smallest band-largest cup and I don’t think the cups should have been that wide. I even have very wide roots, this cup was not only digging into my shoulders, but folding over it there was so much room. It was painful to lower my arms. The cups were wide and flat and I wish I had gotten a measurement of around for I was very minimized compared to many bras that I wear. smoothie 4 smoothie 7 smoothie 6 smoothie 5

The cups went very far back and you can see in the first picture just how far the straps and cups go into my arms. The third and fourth picture are examples of how it’s not great for bottom heavy breasts. My breasts are too bottom heavy that they can’t fit into the bottom of the cup and there’s room at the bottom where the cup will inevitably gap no matter what. I would totally keep this bra if it wasn’t for the painful pressing of the straps and cups on my sides.

I’m really regretful that the bra doesn’t fit comfortably, I would love to have a Curvy Kate in my bra drawer again.