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This is the same wonderful guest poster who also reviewed the Ewa Michalak new S Style


URKYE has recently released the “Skunk”, a dress designed to flatter
the figure with a contrasting center stripe with an exaggerated waist.
Last year I was a winner in a contest, and as a prize I was able to
choose an item from URKYE’s collection.  The Skunk was the obvious
choice, and after some debate I settled on the cerise contrast
(Skunks amarantowy).  I ordered size 42 oo/ooo.



The dress really flatters the figure from the front, making the waist
appear narrow.  From the side the effect is less pronounced, but it
is still a lovely dress.  It is made of a stretchy fabric and pulls over
the head instead of zipping.  The fabric is heavier than URKYE has used
in the past, which means that it conceals lumps and bulges better than
most stretch material.  I am not wearing shapewear in these pictures,
and am instead relying on my trusty Ewa Michalak CHP Milady bra.

As much as I love this dress, there are two alterations that I need to
make for it to fit me.  I am only 160cm/5’2″, and so the sleeves are too
long–I rolled them up in the pictures.  Second, the dress was designed
with an hourglass figure in mind, which means that on an upside-down
pear like me, there is extra fabric bunching over the hips.  Fortunately
both things are easy fixes, and in its original state the dress should
fit and flatter most busty women.