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This was one of the two that I received from Braless in Brasil, again her review of this exact same bra is here. This bra is a 60JJ/28JJ and the shape is different from the CHP Fiolek I reviewed earlier this week. According to the Ewa website, the CH Biszkopty is desribed as, ‘Padded halfcup bra in nude with removable push up pads for correction of asymmetry’. This bra is also available for custom orders, as that’s how June was able to get it in a 60/28 back size with a JJ cup. Oh and for your knowledge, Ewa does go by EU/UK bra sizes, but of course between brands there will be differences in the cup and bands.

There is a great census of Ewa bands being tight, or even simply true to size. This bra is tight and yet comfortably firm. I get the usual red marks from the wires pressing in but I don’t feel pain from it. I feel like any looser of a band wouldn’t be as supportive and with my fibromyalgia, I need as much of a supportive band that I can get.

I describe this bra as being more cream colored than ‘nude’, but we all seem to have our own opinions on what is considered a ‘nude’ color. I sure as hell don’t consider this a ‘nude’ color on myself. With my olive skin tone, I doubt it could be thought as ‘nude’. It’s a beautiful bra, though. It’s somewhat plain and yet the little added details of lace trim adds ‘flavor’ to it that certainly got my fiance’s attention.

This bra is manufactured just as the CHP Fiolek, the difference being the shape and uplift it gives. I definitely prefer this shape over any other that I have ever been given. It’s very projected and very ‘out there’. It’s wonderful, in my opinion. I am certainly in love with this shape and will do whatever I can to get my hands on more CH shapes.

biszkopty 4

I would apologize for my terrible skin, but I’m a teenager and have terrible acne that I can’t do anything about.

biszkopty 2 biszkopty 3

These pictures are all taken with the pads in place. Which is a good thing! These means that I have room to grow and just have to take the pads out when need be. There’s that gaping on my left breast near the straps and I think that’s just a ‘symptom’ of my bottom heavy breasts. Most times, that spot isn’t even noticeable. I only found it curious that it was on my left side, which is my larger breast.

The cups fit perfectly well. They don’t curve in the top like they do in the fiolek, so I don’t have any quadraboobing. There’s no gaping in them when I lean forward or move my arms like with the Deco. They aren’t as wide as the other bras I’ve worn(CK Showgirl ones) and I like that. The cups are a lot deeper so I achieve more of a projection. I’ve never been one for minimizing, except for physical activities that is.

The straps on this bra are wonderful. Fully adjustable and I have no complaints. I think if I had narrow shoulders though, this would certainly cause a problem. Although, I think with the style of the bra, it wouldn’t be too difficult to move the straps inward a bit. Then again I’m not a seamstress and aren’t skilled with many sewing endeavors, so don’t take my word for it.

The band on this bra is very true to size. I can’t be sure exactly how much it was worn before I had gotten it, but I definitely don’t expect it to loosen very quickly. It’s of course on the first hook still and I assume it will be there for a short while before I move it to the second and even longer before the third. And even then, I have a forth hook to move it to. That is if my breasts cease to grow long enough for me to even reach those hooks.

biszkopty 8 biszkopty 7

The first pictures make it look a bit low on my chest, but it’s actually quite the opposite. You can see how projected they are though and in many of my shirts, my breasts are a lot more noticeable than in the Deco I often wore. There’s that roundness that is very evident in the second photo and I think it does well to enhance my waist and slimness.

Overall, I love this bra. It’s definitely become my favorite. Ewa Michalak has achieved another fan. Even with my bottom heavy, wide rooted and soft tissue breasts, this bra still looks amazing. I am so very satisfied that I was able to pull off such a bra and benefit from it as I have.