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I know what you’re wondering, ‘Did I read that right?’ And yes you did! I finally have received an Ewa Michalak bra; three to be exact! I have received two CH and one CHP, one of each is in a 28JJ/60JJ and the second CH is a 28K/60K. I figured I would start with the CHP Fiolek because I currently have it on and I have the most thoughts surrounding it.

This bra is one of two that I received from BralessinBrasil; her review of CHP Fiolek here. I have been lusting after Ewa for many long months and a cold winter. I have been told by many that my breast type (wide root and soft tissue) would not be something that would fit Ewa. I was determined to either prove them right or wrong by trial and error. I am fairly large busted with a small back (through common sense I have deduced that I have always been sub 30 band all my life as I only now weigh the most I ever have) and also young. Soft tissue is something that runs in my family; so sheer/soft cups don’t do much but give me an east-west shape and make me more pointy then I prefer. I am also very bottom heavy, meaning the majority of my tissue fills out the bottom of my breasts and leaves the tops somewhat…empty. Padded bras are also something I’m told I don’t need–which might be true if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not searching for extra volume, but for a shape I don’t get naturally. Ewa is one of the few brands that make padded cups for my breast size and I was determined to get my hands on one. The gods must have favored me that week as I lucked upon three fairly priced bras on Bratabase with free shipping!

But on to the review:

The CHP Fiolek is, as described on Ewa Michalak’s website, ‘Padded halfcup bra, perfect for low and broad neckline. Vertical seams of the cups lift the breast and give them rounded shape.’ 

It’s a beautiful bra; it’s a sort of dark lavender with a brightly colored plaid ribbon in the enter. The straps are fully adjustable(if not impossible to move) and there are three sets of hooks and 4 rows of eyes–all to prolong the life of the band. It is a three-part cup with seams that are noticeable through tight fitting clothing, but I think I mentioned in other reviews that I do not particularly care if my bra shows, obviously I am wearing one.

This bra fits in size, but not in shape. This is a common problem for many women as everyone has different types and shapes of breasts. If you are a member of Bratabase you will see all the options and when you go throughout the site(i.e. fitting problems) you will see that there are an infinite amount of combinations. My shape, as I briefly mentioned before, are pointy, full on bottom, wide root, close set and high on chest. My measurements are an underbust of 28.5 and a bust (when bent over braless) of 44 inches. This makes it hard to say if the bra fits. I fill out the cup in the best way possible–the ever common empty space at the bottom of the cup is a common issue for bottom heavy breasts in padded cups– but the top begins to cut into the tissue, but not because it’s too small, simply because of my breast type.

I will be focusing a lot on the straps as they seem to have a great influence on the shape I get in this bra and just how it affects the fit.

The straps are fairly impossible to adjust, simply because of the embroidery that has been added. When I got the bra, the straps felt a bit constricting and were even digging into my shoulders–not caused by a too loose band, but by too tight straps. When I fit myself into the bra, I noticed an immediate quadraboob and this is especially so for my larger breast.


I wasn’t sure if this was caused by the cups coming into my breast tissue or by the straps being too tight. I finally got the straps loosened and it doesn’t really go away. There is still an area near the gore/center of the cups that breast tissue is being cut into. And now that the straps are loosened, I get a completely different shape. With the straps tightened, my breasts are move forward, but with the straps loosened comfortably, they go outward, slightly like how they did in the Carys bra. They also seem less ‘controlled’ with the loosened straps.


The bra fits, but the shape is off. The straps aren’t the only thing to be blamed. Even with my wide roots, I need a deeper cup. When pushing on the side of the cup, the depth of it increases slightly and as you can see in this(very poor) picture, my breast is no longer being cut into and even given a bit more room. I think it’s the positioning of the straps that contribute to this cup depth problem.

fiolek 11

Lets move on from the problem of the straps. The cups were briefly covered just before, and there’s not much more to say. They are as wide as one can expect and are relatively deep. They are lined and as seen in the next few photos, noticeable.

IMG_0841 IMG_0840 IMG_0839

The gore on this bra is very comfortable. I have no pressing into my sternum and I feel very secure in it. The band is much the same. I have it on the first hook and it feels very true to size. It’s comfortable and supportive, hugging close and holding my breasts where they need to be.


I very much like this bra. It’s beautiful and if it wasn’t for the problem of it cutting into my breast even if it was a minuscule amount, I would gladly keep it and wear it and fall in love with it. I might keep it for a bit to try some trial and error to see if I can erase that line over my breast. I do have to wait until I have someone to help me–the straps are a true bitch.

Review of the other three bras I’ve received to come. Two of them will be a while as I have to wait for an extender.