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If we all remember, in the beginning of December, I received the Carys Balcony and it was far from fitting. Less than a month later, I try on the Carys simply for the hell of it. Lo and behold!, it fits! I’m not sure how or in what way my breasts changed, but it fits! This means that I now currently have two bras that fit me. It’s an odd happening as my measurements are all the same and they haven’t filled out in any way. But either way, I thought I would do another review detailing the bra now that it fits nearly perfectly.

This is the 30H Carys Balcony by Freya that is available in cup sizes 28 D-J, 30-36 D-K and 38 D-J. It is a three part cup with fully adjustable straps. The color is a beige color that is designed with small flowers and a lace trim over the cups with an all too common bow placed over the gore.

The band is thick and covered in the same material that the cups and straps. What I like about the bra is the pattern that is continues all along the straps and band, not just the cups so it has a constant design to it.



(please excuse the blurriness)


This photo makes it quite obvious which breast is larger.

IMG_0795 IMG_0794

As you can see in these photos, there is a great difference between now and nearly two months ago, even if there is no change in measurements. I fit into the cups securely and comfortably and as I’m wearing it I have no complaints about the fit or the support. The band is a bit forgiving, but it still fits firmly on the first hook, which means I have leeway for when the bra gets over-used.

I’m a very picky young woman when it comes to the breast shape that bras create. I do like being more forward and out there; minimizing is my enemy. The shape I achieve from this bra isn’t something I would usually go for, but it’s quite wonderful. It gives off a natural shape that is appealing but not pointy. It isn’t a sheer cup so it’s more restricting and actually forms my breast tissue in a rounded shape. I get a slight east/west going on, but it’s only slightly and it’s not unattractive in my opinion.

I’m also not one to like full coverage bras even though I don’t think this is meant to be one. I do like low cut/plunge because I am a young woman in the terrible heat of Arizona and it’s torturous to wear too much. But then again, I do have my Freya Deco for those days.

Even though the bra fits fairly well, if I lift my arms the gaping returns, but in comparison to how I fit before, it’s nothing and it’s hardly bothersome. I don’t even care to be quite honest. If I wear a shirt that isn’t low cut, it wouldn’t be noticeable if I were to lift my arms. Another problem that is caused is by the wide set straps. They aren’t too wide that they cut into my arms, but they set far on my shoulders and do tend to slide off my shoulders. I’ve tightened the straps as comfortably as possible and it seems to have stopped the slipping, but they are still fairly far apart on my shoulders. The last problem I seem to have isn’t really caused by the bra and I’m sure many women experience this with softcup/sheer bras. If you look at my breasts from just about any angle, it becomes obvious which one is larger. I suppose it’s not a bad thing necessarily, but I still am not a huge fan of it. It’s normal and all, so I don’t mind that much.

IMG_0798 IMG_0797 IMG_0796

My bottom heavy breasts give it a slight drooping shape and it’s very noticeable in the first picture when I’m wearing the tank top. Again, I’m picky and I would prefer to be higher up, but again it’s not too bad. It’s a new style of bra and because I lack the fullness at top this shape is too be expected. And no, going down a size wouldn’t help with that fact, it wouldn’t fit in the least.

Along with the Carys bra, I have the matching underwear in a size 12/Medium. They have a lacey trim on the bottom and the pattern and color matches the bra to the tee. The material is soft and stretchy and doesn’t press into the fat I have on my sides so it gives my hips a smoother curve.

I would recommend this bra to other women. Even though I’m still for moulded bras, this is definitely a beauty and good supporting bra. My thoughts are that woman who are full on top would benefit from this more so than bottom heavy as you’d come up with the same gaping and extra room problem that I have and also that Curvy Wordy shows.