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About: K or Bust has tried on many, many bras over the years.  Her breasts seem to be on a mission to reach a (UK) K cup, increasing by the rate of a cup size a year.  They now occupy the awkward zone between 34H and 34HH.

The new S style bra from Ewa Michalak


Ever since I first tried Ewa Michalak bras I have loved the rounded, lifted shape I get from CHP (lightly padded balconette) and CH (lightly padded halfcup), and, to a lesser extent, from PL (plunge).  After reading about the new S shape, which was designed to be similar to the PL but with a higher gore to offer better support, I was eager to test it. Like the PL, the S comes in larger cup sizes than the CH and CHPs which I am now largely sized out of without making special orders.  I find plunge bras too unsupportive for everyday use, so the S sounded like a great bra.

I was advised that the S is similar in fit to the PL, so I ordered S Wiśniówka in 36H (80H).  For comparison, I own the PL Karmelki in 36GG (80GG) but my breasts have grown since it was purchased.  I bulge slightly out of the PL Karmelki, but not a full cup size.


I expected the S Wiśniówka to be slightly too large, requiring the temporary use of one pad on the larger side and two pads on the smaller side. With this arrangement the bra does not gape, but for the photos I am wearing a pad from the CH Purple on just the smaller side to show the actual bra fit.


( S-style; front view in Dzwonek w butelkowej zieleni )

( S-style; front view in Dzwonek w butelkowej zieleni )

The gore is quite a bit higher than on the PL, even when taking into consideration the difference in sizes.  The bra does feel as if it would be more supportive, which is good news for women whose breasts are too soft to wear a plunge.


(the mark in between the breasts is where the gore lies on the S Wisniowka)

I found that the gore didn’t lie exactly flat, despite the fact that the cups are a bit too large.  It is no wider than the gore of the CH Purple, which extends to a similar height.  Perhaps because the breasts are pushed together as they are in a plunge, breast tissue is interfering with the gore.  My breasts are somewhat close set and I don’t do well with wide gores.

The shape that the bra gives is quite different from other Ewa Michalak bras that I have tried.  This can be best seen in the side view.

( S-style; side view)

With the PL Karmelki the overall shape is rounded, whereas with the S Wiśniówka the underside of my breast has an inverse mountain slope before reaching the apex.


(PL Karmelki- side view)

( S-style; side shot in Dzwonek w butelkowej zieleni )

( S-style; side shot in Dzwonek w butelkowej zieleni )

I find this torpedo shape less flattering than the high rounded shape, and I feel it accentuates the size of my breasts and makes them appear elongated.  It is almost the same shape I get when leaning over.


( S-style; angle view in Dzwonek w butelkowej zeileni )

Sadly, the S is not for me.  It could be an interesting bra for women looking for a retro shape or plunge cleavage with extra support.  But I will stick with Ewa’s CH and CHPs for now.


Have you tried this new style from Ewa Michalak? Are you looking forward to? What are your thoughts so far?