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As of late, I’ve had very few posts on my blog. It pains me, it does. I’m constantly low on funds and am quite immobile so the bras I get are far and few between. I had asked on Bratabase for some ideas and a lovely woman by the name of Ann–who will be a guest reviewer later on–gave me wonderful ideas.

I have a good amount of friends and went to Facebook to see if any of them would like to help a fellow gal out. My first thought was a good friend of mine Sam, who has physical condition that I thought might impact how she ‘lives’ with her breasts. She agreed to doing a small interview for a post.

The questions I ask are very basic but do well to cover the related topics.

  • To start off, what is your bra size? And how long have you been __?

Well, my current bra-size (last I was measured last year) was 38F/38DDD(UK 38E). I’ve always had large breasts since I started developing them when I was 9.

  • Have you had any problems with finding your bra size or being fitted?

Yes, I’ve had problems because I’ve had three different fittings and they’ve all had different answers. And finding bras is definitely a pain because in my town there’s only ONE store that carries my size and it’s almost a two hour drive away and I can’t make that drive all that often.

  • What physical condition do you have and do your breasts or bras make it any more bothersome?

My physical condition is a big one! To put it in easy terms, “failed back syndrome” would be best. But more technical terms: I live with a permanently crooked lower lumbar spine due to lumber fusions in 2009, I have four herniated disks, two ruptured disks, all of the lower lumbar region. I have permanent nerve damage to my sciatic nerve (the motor nerve to your legs) so I live with constant pain running down them. As for my bras affecting my disability–it depends on the day. Some days if my pain isn’t all that bad, they don’t really do much for my pain. Other days when it feels like everything affects it, I end up having to hunch over more due to fatigue and the weight of my breasts tug on my lower back and causes it to hurt more.

  • What ways do you compensate for the pain that it might cause? Do you size up in band or even down more to achieve better support?

How I compensate for the pain is I’ll get up and stretch back (as best as I can without hurting myself more) or, if I’m still in my pajamas, I’ll put on a bra to try and relieve some of the pressure from gravity. And I end up tightening the band so that I can achieve better support. I used to just sit on the first clasp line because I thought it wouldn’t matter but now that my condition’s gotten worse, I’ve noticed that the more loose I wear a bra, the lower they drop and they cause more tension in my shoulders which in turn makes me lean forward and cause more pain. It’s all connected, sadly.

  • Do you wish that your bras were made to accommodate those with disabilities?

Bras made to accommodate those with disabilities? Sure! That would definitely be a good thing! Such as, if they make some with much better support (without underwire) for those with back issues, or better clasps for those with arthritis, I think it would be a wonderful idea!

  • What would you do to make wearing a good bra easier and better for you?

For my condition, I’d probably add some extra support for the breasts so that they’re actually supported–and the support lasts so that you’re not worried that later in the day you end up hunching over. I’d also probably make it easier for the clasps to come undone so bending backwards and arching my back wouldn’t be completely necessary to take one off. Of course, I’m not all that knowledgeable in how a bra is made but I think that would be best for my personal situation.

Do you have any physical conditions or issues that breasts(of any size) affect or even the other way around? Comment and let me know!