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Every woman is in need of a sports bra, be it for yoga or a marathon. I haven’t had a sports bra in 6 years and that was back when I was a cheerleader. It wasn’t as though I thought I didn’t need well, in a way it was, but I never exercised. I happen to have fibromyalgia which is a nerve disease and it limits a lot of my mobility. Lately, as I’ve gained nearly 20lbs in the past 3/4 months, I’ve wanted to do something about it. I’ve decided to purchase a sports bra because I’d rather not damage my breasts any more than they have been already that was caused by poor support and small cups–courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

Recently, Freya has increased their size range for their Underwire sports bra. I then immediately ordered a 30J off of eBay.

Picture courtesy of Braless in Brasil

A very nicely constructed bra. It’s smooth and supportive. There are four hook-and-eyes and four rows, the straps aren’t fully adjustable though. This is a wired sports bra so it separates your breasts more than one without it might. But it’s a sports bra, does appearance really matter?




It’s too big. I estimate maybe a cup size or two. I also find the band too large. The cup size, while it feels comfortable and encases my breasts completely, it’s not supportive enough to minimize bounce enough. While it changed the pressure that’s applied when I jump or move around and certainly reduces pain and bounce, it’s not well enough for running. I think it might be a good yoga bra, but not sure about the more hardcore workouts.

The center gore didn’t lie flat, which counteracts the ‘it’s too large’ statement, but what can I say? The cups were wide and there was empty fabric on the side and gaping at the top of the cups near the straps and near the gore. I would want a band size down which means I’d still be in a J as a 28J is sister size to 30HH.

I’m not willing to test out too much of what this bra can handle as I’m trying to exchange it for a smaller size, but I’m sure for a woman who fits into this bra as she should, it’ll be just what she needs for her exercising needs.

But I applaud Freya for expanding their range~