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For winning the Curvy Wordy giveaway contest, this was one of the bras I was sent to try out my size. I was sent a 30H

With this full cup bra, the straps are full adjustable, the cups are of nylone(the sheer material), and 3 hook-and-eye closures with three rows.The shape created by this material–with my soft breasts–becomes pointy and outward. The material is soft enough with an overlay of lace in the design seen above.

The pink bow adds an extra bit of flare that I think actually goes well with the color. But then the color proves to be a con for my skin tone once more. While I can look amazing in black and pink, for some reason I find this mixture of the colors comes off as an odd charcoal that doesn’t flatter in the least.




The first thing I notice when looking at the pictures is the shape I got. I think it looks awfully saggy and pointy. Now, while this is the fact that it’s a few cups too big or the mixture of my breast tissue and the material, I can’t say. Either way, I don’t like it. When sitting without my arms raised, there was less wrinkling than with the others, but still more than acceptable. When my arms were raised, it only worsened. There’s no debating with whether or not the cups are too large, there’s not one area that they aren’t.

The band on this bra was much more to my liking. It felt more snug and more secure. It measured just as long as the Carys did, but with a shorter stretch capability which meant that it was tighter around my ribcage in the way that I like.¬†Surprisingly enough, I liked the feel of the material. It was soft and didn’t irritate me at all. My skin is usually too sensitive but this was a nice surprise.

I think with the correct size–maybe a 30G/GG–I’d get a better and nicer shape. But once more, I don’t like the full coverage. As unlady-like as it might be, I do love low cut tees and a respectable amount of cleavage–ha!