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This Deco is what I was sent from Freya for winning the Curvy Wordy giveaway.

A soft, seamless moulded plunge bra with fully adjustable straps and 2 hook-and-eye closures. The bra gives a gentle rounded and forward shape that’s more forward than anything else.

The material is soft and firm, very sturdy. There are no designs except for the small bow on the center gore and on each strap. It’s a good bra to wear under anything as it’s low cut and yet supportive.




I will be the first to admit: This bra doesn’t fit. It’s a cup or two too small. Now, remember, this is a 32GG as the Deco only goes up to a GG. I would benefit from a 30H/HH, if only they expanded their sizes.

Because of the fact that this is a 32GG and not what I need, there are so obvious problems. There’s wrinkling at the bottom of the cup do to the fact that it’s not deep enough for my breasts to fit. The band is too loose and I go straight to the second/third hook comfortable. The cup are too wide and chaff my armpits after a while.  Even though I have soft breast tissue and this is a plunge, I have no spillage. I’m secure and stay where I need to be without slipping out or having to readjust. I very much love this fact, as well. As stated before, I like low cut shirts and this shirt is perfect for that.

This Deco fits me fairly well, as I said a 30H/HH would be more beneficial, but hey it works. This bra fits me a bit better than my Curvy Kate Tease Me 28J. The difference between two brands is sometimes astounding. That’s 1 band size and 2/3 cup sizes. So I estimate a Deco 32GG~Tease Me 28HH/J.

I’m really hoping that Freya will expand their size range in this. I would love not to only have this, but try the strapless Deco as well. I’m even tempted right now to buy a few more 32GG in different colors to have a variety of bras.