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Brand: Full-Filled
 32H (ordered a 28J)

I ordered this bra from eBay and it was a risky move because of the fact that not many had ordered it or had much to say. It is definitely not a brand I will try again. Even though this is a 32H(again, I ordered a 28J) I don’t think it’s a reliable one. I also haven’t worn this bra for more than ten minutes, I am completely biased in my opinion.

Comfortable, I can’t deny that. The material is smooth and soft. The band does not cut into my skin and it’s just a nice overall bra. The straps are not fully-adjustable, unfortunately and forces the cups to cut into my armpits and yet wrinkle at the same time. Wires sit pretty comfortable and encase my tissue quite well.

It’s a cute bra. It’s a plunge and I can’t really say anything negative about it. It’s a white clean bra that just looks very pretty and elegant while can look sexy and enticing at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not for my breast type. I get a terrible quadraboob effect and can’t fill out the lower part of the cup.

The band is snug, even though it doesn’t stay straight across my ribcage, it wasn’t bad. I could only pull it very lightly from my body. Although, from stretching it like I did, both to measure it and put it on, I could tell that the material was not one that would last long. While it was snug to begin with, I have a feeling that it won’t stay that way for long.

I didn’t really get a chance to wear this bra like I would have liked. I didn’t fit into it properly, and even though I could probably ‘pull it off’, I fell towards the center way too often for it to be appropriate or comfortable. I still wouldn’t suggest this as an everyday bra, for the fact that the band wouldn’t be able to handle it.

You can find the eBay listing here

Measurements can be found here