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As most are aware if they follow my twitter, I have grown out of my Curvy Kate bras. I am hoping to come upon the funds to get a 28K/KK from Ewa Michalak as soon as possible. But until then, I have gone many days without wearing a bra, and it’s most uncomfortable and hurts my already weak back. Some days, I wear one of those tank tops with built-in bras, but of course they don’t give much support, but they do make me feel better. But the times that I must go out, which isn’t often, thankfully, I wear the too small bras.

It honestly doesn’t feel too bad. But I believe that I only think this because I spent a good 8 years of my life in 34 inch bands and cups all below a G. Now, I’m not fan of constant nip slips and risk of a black eye, but it’s all I got.

I’ve made this poll in pure curiosity. Would you rather go braless or squeeze into the couple of cups too small until you could get one in your size?