Just the other day, I was out with my mother and nephew at the store. It was a nice day, normal stresses, normal troubles and all. We were exiting the store and my mother realized they had charged her for something they shouldn’t have. So I had the baby in my arms and was waiting near the door for her.

There were these girls, a somewhat small group of them, no older than high school age, maybe even middle school. They were the clichéd preppy girls who looked like clones of another. I was somewhat jealous, they were slim and toned, but I wouldn’t want the lack of curves (no offense to women meant, I just love my body.) One of them approached me, looking very pity-filled and bothered by something.

I was confused by what her intentions were and I truly wish I didn’t have my nephew in my arms, for she said something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry that you have such big boobs, they must be so painful and troublesome. Maybe you should think about getting a reduction’.

I was gobsmacked! How is one supposed to reply to that?!

I was beyond insulted, I was shocked by her words and I had every intention of slapping her! If it wasn’t for the sole reason that my nephew was fussing in my arms.

What made her think that it was okay to approach me and speak to me about what may or may not be troubling me?

Did I look to be bothered by them? Did I look like I hated them? Because if I do, please tell me so I can correct any assumptions of that. I love my breasts. They are large, but they are mine. I didn’t ask for them, but I still love them. They are like illegitimate children of mine. They weren’t necessarily wanted, but I still must do my job to love them and take care of them.

But that doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg, to be quite honest. These women, approached me, stating something that they believed to be right, because they are misinformed and believe that it was their job to save me from my wretched burden of large breasts. But in what society is it alright to tell another women to change her body? Why bring down her spirits because she doesn’t look like you?

Who stated that it was alright to hate on other’s appearances and point out supposed ‘flaws’ when no one asked for them?

Now, I know it’s hard not to critique others and their choices or appearance. I do it all the time! But the difference is, I don’t state my thoughts aloud. I don’t purposely tear someone down to show that I’m better in whatever way I believe I might be.

If I was told to get a breast reduction, where does it stop? Should I also bleach my skin so I’m more white than Hispanic? Should I start getting laser hair removal to remedy the fact that the Mexican part of me is hairy as can be? Am I going to be told these things the next time I’m out? Is there a limit to where it just becomes too personal for people to comment on?

Thoughts of mine, is all. This has become more of a rant than I meant it to. Now, I apologize for having seeming to abandoned this blog, it was never my intention. I have a post in the works on the fact that my breasts are still growing and the fun that creates.