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Which do I love more?

Nah, they are both two different sites that offer two different services. Brastop is an online bra store that is centered in the UK, and Bratabase is a site that is a essentially a database of bras and their measurements that are added by woman all over the globe.

This is the store that I buy all the bras that I have. It’s cheap, and very efficient when it comes to returns. They carry bras D-K, and bands 28-46, which is more than I can say for any store that I have been to. The website is very organized and it’s simple to find the bra you need by size, both band and cup. Unfortunately, the larger cup size you go, the less options you have, but that isn’t the websites fault. I have had many options in my 30J, and although my options for 30JJ won’t be nearly as large, I still do have options. There prices are quite large, and if you buy multiple, it’s the same shipping price, which isn’t too bad for going overseas. There are also a wonderful amount of sales that occur just about every month.

I don’t think I’ve come across anything negative about this site, they have excellent customer service and are usually quick about returning any comments or emails that I might have. If a bra is not in stock, they immediately let me know, give me the option to change or delete the order/bra from the order, and continue to ship it.

The shipping does take near two weeks to get here, but I can’t complain. I mean, I’m ordering bras from the UK, I can’t expect them to be here within the week. If there could be anything that I’d want to be improved, it would be the ability to track my order, but I’m not sure if that’s asking too much for overseas delivery.

The reason that I will continue ordering from them is because they are there for large breasted women, and that’s what I am. They carry my bras, at reasonable prices, and if a bra doesn’t fit, I have 30 days to return it. As long as tags are still in tact, then there is no problem.

One more thing that I love about Brastop, is that they use actual women. They use curvy women to show their bras and even have a voting for a new model, a normal women, with a normal body, with a normal breast size. It’s amazing how they promote curviness.

I really recommend them for any D+ woman, they also start from band size 28, which are pretty rare to find.

A wonderful place that was created by a wonderful person, known as Jj. It’s a database for bras of all sizes. What you do is input your measurements, and you can then look around the site at bras and you’ll get on advise on whether or not it would fit, and if not then what sizes you can change to.

Jj is a wonderful man who created this for the sole reason of helping women get help with their bras fit and to get information before purchasing a bra. I’ve used this site a couple times in the past, as I’ve mentioned in my last two bra reviews.

The Tease Me I ordered in 30J ended up being too large. I went to their fit help, submitted a request and described my problems with pictures of how it fit. Within the week I had about 4 posts with advise of what bra I should order instead. I returned the 30J and got the 28J and couldn’t be any happier with it.

I also used the site to find which size I should get my Thrill Me. I didn’t want to have the same problem that I had with the Tease Me, seeing as I wasn’t ordering from Brastop since they unfortunately were out of my size. I searched the bra, came along a page of where it fit another woman, and voila! Since it fit her, the site was able to tell me what size would fit me best. It suggested that I order a 30HH, and I did. And I love it. I call it my ‘lazy’ bra. As I wear it when I’m at home so I can still get the support, but without the major affect of cleavage that my other bras give me.

This site also has the option of selling and buying bras. I’ve purchased a couple already, and once I did, it transferred the bras from the other women, to my profile. This makes it easier than trying to find the bra if you don’t have the original taxes.

Jj is constantly adding new things to the site, making it possible to add bras to your favorites and showing you your contribution to the site. He is constantly updating the site to make it easier to get help, enter bras, and find potential bras. He is a sweet man who is very quick to reply on his twitter to any questions or problems that might occur.