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I also owe a big thanks to Bratabase for this bra. I was able to get a lot of help their Fitting Help section, this and my Thrill Me bra.

Brand: Curvy Kate

Comfort: 9/10

You’d think that since the band is a 28, it’d be a little painful, but not at all. It’s comfortable and fits nicely along my rib cage. I have to fight a bit to get it closed, but other than that, it’s the perfect band size, much better than the 30J that I originally purchased. The cups are comfortable and give me that ‘shelf’ look that looks very sexy. I fit securely in them, and I have no complaints in that department. Although, the bands are a bit too far apart for my taste. I really would like them to be closer together, but I don’t have problems of them slipping down my shoulders, so it’s all good.

Style: 9.5/10
The ruffles and bows are both a pro and a con. They give the bra a sexy look, but they do interfere with tops and spaghetti straps. I don’t dare to cut off the ruffles, as I love how they are integrated with the lace and give the bra a sense of sexiness. The bows are something else that I’m not going to change, even though they are sometimes annoying. But because they are smaller and therefore less noticeable than the Thrill Me bra, I won’t remove them. This bra is perfect when wearing a straight-cut shirt, because of the ‘shelf’ cleavage.

Support: 10/10
Again, I will give this Curvy Kate bra a 10/10 for support. I am very comfortable in it, and while doing many activities, I do not have to fear falling out of it. The smaller band has provided me a definite amount of support that keeps my breasts level and perky, just the way I love them. I’ve even used this bra as a makeshift strapless bra, and tucked in the straps. No change whatsoever in wear my breasts are positioned. Which means I’m getting the support from the band that I have to have.

Overall: 9.5/10

Which is an A+, as far as I’m concerned. I definitely love this bra, and it’s my second favorite. I wear it as often as I can without feeling like I’m favoring it over the others. Curvy Kate did not disappoint with their Showgirl Collection, and I’m definitely satisfied with them. Now, they only need to make more molded-cup bras, and I’ll have a larger selection. =D

Measurements of this bra here