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Feels amazing!!

Thanks to Bratabase!  (post on them later)

This bra feels so smooth and comfortable and I just love it.

Brand: Curvy Kate

Comfort: 10/10
I’m giving this bra a full 10 out of ten simply because it feels so very amazing. The material is soft and smooth and cups my breasts perfectly. I can wear the bra through anything, even while napping/laying down, unlike my Tempt Me. The band is a little loose, but it feels comfortable. The straps lay against my skin with no problem, and I fear no pain from digging into my skin.

Style: 8/10
The style of this bra is adorable. I’m only giving it an 8 because of the ruffles. Yes, it does look amazingly cute, but under most shirts, it’s visible and gives it a slightly tacky look. I also cut off the bows that were on the straps because they were bothersome when I wanted to wear my spaghetti strapped dresses. Also, the cups seem to minimize my breasts. While in my Tempt Me, I measure 40 inches around my bust, I seem to only get to 38 inches. But it doesn’t look or feel bad. They give me more of a roundness that is acceptable in situations that a plunge bra would be inappropriate.

Support: 10/10
Like I mentioned, Bratabase is who I have to thank for helping me choose this bra. After my failure when trying on my Tease Me , I referred to that website for a guide as to what bra size I should get. After looking around and finding the bra in a similar size, it recommended that I get a 30HH instead of my 30J. Which is perfectly alright, because even though it’s the same brand, models can be different. But because of that, I got the perfect support in this bra. I don’t even have the straps tightened all the way like I should, yet I feel no strain on them. They even slide down my shoulders slightly because the band is doing such an amazing job of holding them up, without digging into my rib cage, either. The band is even all across my body and I love it.

Overall: 8.4/10
I love this bra. And although I had to order it from eBay to get it in the correct size, I don’t regret buying this. I wear this when I know I will have to be chasing around my nephew for the day, or I’m walking the dog. I’ve dancing, jumped, skipped, and done just about everything in this bra, and have had no nip-slips. It’s just about perfect. =D

Measurements can be found here