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Over the weekend I stopped by Victoria’s Secret to look at their underwear selection. I have long stopped shopping there for bras because of their limited selection. As I was there, I was asked by three different associates if I wanted a bra fitting. Because I didn’t really have the extra time to spare, I turned them down, already knowing that I was much larger then their selections.

I was asked the final time by this one man, who seemed nice. I told him that I didn’t want a fitting because they didn’t carry my size. His curiousity got the best of him, and he asked what size I was. Not being shy about my 30M bust, I told him. The look of complete disbelief on his face might have been funny if it wasn’t for the rude look he gave me afterwards.

Now, my point in this post is to point out the obvious, but not known to all women. VICTORIA’S SECRET DOESN’T FIT CORRECTLY AND MOST LIKELY DOESN’T EVEN CARRY YOUR BRA SIZE. 

They most likely would have measured me at the 34DDD that they said I was two months ago, and then told me that I should squeeze into a 36DD as they are sister sizes. While that part is true, that bra is multiple cups too small, and a few band sizes too big.

Now, the Bra Band Project is trying to help solve one-half of the problem. We need to start focusing on the cup size. Now, I’m pretty sure that I’m correct in saying that the UK have a bit larger variety of cup sizes, but still not nearly enough for everyone to access. Now, I love brastop.com and the Curvy Kate selection they have there, but I would really much prefer to go to a local store and look at the selections there. I want to be able to walk in and see my 30M on a rack with a large amount of others there as well.

Any suggestions, my fellow full-busted women on how to make this happen?

ETA: I also wanted to include a link to another great post about the issue of Victoria’s Secret